Piccolo Market


Walk through the doors of the Piccolo Deli and you feel like you’ve been transported to Italy.  The unbelievable aroma of cheeses and sauce cooking, and the conversation and laughter that is part of the service…well, it’s a happy place that brings back some of my own childhood, having grown up in an Italian town on Long Island.  So the aroma, to me, is like a trigger to want to eat all the imported and homemade foods that Piccolo Deli offers, including homemade sausage ( be still my heart ) lasagna, freshly-baked bread and everything I can possibly get into a bag.  Your senses are completely taken over and you’re in an Italian trance.  So I might be making a few questionable decisions on what to buy and what to eat to get my Italian “fix” on. Just don’t tell my cardiologist you saw me here!

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Duffs Buffet


When a friend suggested we go to Duff’s for dinner recently, I really didn’t want to go. My experience of buffets were not great; greasy food that’s been sitting under warming lights for hours, everything cooked in grease, and bad service. Was I ever surprised when I visited Duff’s Original Buffet in Bradenton! 

You can eat any way you want at Duff’s Buffet. You can eat from the Italian Buffet section. You can eat Mexican from the Mexican Food Buffet. Then there’s juicy roast chicken and veggies, a ham or roast beef always being carved, and a dessert buffet to knock your socks off. There is truly something for everyone at Duff’s Buffet, and something for every taste. The Fruit Buffet was so filled with fresh watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe that I went back three times.

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Wings n Weenies


Wings ‘n Weenies…A Sarasota Classic

If you’ve never been to Wings ‘n Weenies, you’ll love the family atmosphere, the extensively delicious menu, and their great coupons on their website. It’s a place to bring the kids. The kids menu has anything kids love, from kiddie dogs and fries, to grilled cheese, to corn dogs and Mickey Mouse pancakes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served every day at Wings ‘n Weenies, and they are only closed Christmas day. You can have Thanksgiving and Easter breakfast at Wings ‘n Weenies while most other restaurants are closed. In fact they’re open every day from 6:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m. They have two locations- one at 5495 Fruitville Pike and 5733 Clark Road, both in Sarasota. 

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Basils Chicken Gift Card


Basil’s Flame Broiled Chicken and Ribs……Fast Food Without The Guilt!

If you’re like most working people, you just don’t have the energy to say “no” to your kids when they want a quick fix from McDonald’s. You’re also too tired and buried under work to go home and cook. A totally delicious alternative to eating fast food’s usual overdose of grease, sodium and sugar is Basil’s Flame-Broiled Chicken and Ribs.

The first thing you have to know is that there are four convenient locations, so you don’t have to waste a lot of gas to get there. The second fact is that Basil’s features fresh, not frozen chicken, delivered daily from a local farm. The wonderfully fresh bread that Basil’s features is baked and delivered daily to all four of Basil’s restaurants from a local baker.

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I don’t use the word ‘love’ lightly, but “I love pizza.”  Just writing that sentence makes me wonder why its so difficult to get a fresh pie delivered at 8am (the time it happens to be as I write this) – hot and greasy right out of an authentic brick oven or whatever magical box happens to produce this Heavenly food.

So, as a self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur, I’ve decided to share a few of the best pizza places in the Sarasota area.  There are a few Sarasota establishments which stand above others as the best places for pizza in Sarasota.

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Ophelia's On The Bay on Siesta Key


Ophelia’s on the Bay has offered visitors and Sarasota locals waterfront dining on Siesta Key for over 22 years!  From 5pm to 10pm daily and open for a Sunday brunch from 11am to 2pm – enjoy an intimate, uniquely Floridian atmosphere while dining.  The menu features American cuisine, local freshContinue Reading

Bruce Famiglio, Flying Dog Cafe


Looking for a great place to enjoy local Sarasota bands playing live?  The Flying Dog Cafe offers live entertainment in a great atmosphere – perfect for dancing and socializing.  Bruce Famiglio, the owner and operator, can always be found close to the action – often making the rounds himself toContinue Reading

Cafe Amici - Main Street Sarasota


Downtown Sarasota’s Main Street has been home to Cafe Amici for many years.  Offering flavorful pasta, seafood, and fine meats with only the finest imported ingredients available.  This is one of Sarasota’s best sources for authentic Italian cuisine and is positioned perfectly for a romantic evening walking through our lovelyContinue Reading