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New Yorker’s Know Their Deli’s, The Palm Avenue Deli in Sarasota is the “Real Deal!”

| Sande Caplin |

One of the best things about growing up in New York was the great selection of food. There are certain foods that I have not been able to find here on the Florida Suncoast. I can’t find great Chinese food and up until now I haven’t been able to find a real deal “Jewish Style” deli anywhere in Florida….. Until Now!


The Palm Avenue Deli on Palm Avenue in Sarasota, Florida is the real deal.  Several of my friends told me about it and I had the chance to go there with another transplanted New Yorker, my partner in dining, Nancy Cohen.  She also knows what a good Jewish deli is.


We went a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday at 1pm in the quietest part of the summer and the restaurant was packed, which is a pretty good sign.  We were greeted with friendly smiles and got a table close to the counter so we could watch all of the action.  Our mouths were watering as we saw all kinds of delicious items coming out like Matzoh Ball Soup, piled high Corned Beef sandwiches, Knishes, homemade Bagels with Lox & Cream Cheese, and so much more!

We chose to go with a sandwich that no one in town seems to know how to make.  We ordered a double high Pastrami sandwich with a Potato Knish and Dr. Browns Black Cherry soda.  The sandwich was piled high with perfectly cooked pastrami that was juicy with just a bit of fat on it….the way it should be.  The rye bread was fresh with a crispy crust.  The Knish came out hot and flavorful and washing it all down with a Dr. Browns made for a perfect lunch.  Nancy had a great conversation with General Manager, Melissa Baker, and Rob, one of the partners and gave her a few “New York Suggestions!”


Will we come back?  Oh yeah!  Absolutely, although once the season starts, we know we will have to get there early.  They are open from 7 am-11 pm seven days a week.

Palm Avenue Deli
1289 N. Palm Ave.
Sarasota, Florida 34236
941 263-3742


Photos from Facebook & Palm Ave. Deli

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