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I got “Made”

I got “Made”  in downtown Sarasota
Restaurant 1990 Main Street, Sarasota, FL (941-580-0250)

Doing my pre-dining internet homework, I found myself completely amused reading Made’s Menu!!!  To begin with, they listed “Grilled Corn Dogs” as an appetizer!!!  My first thought was of someone’s Mom saying to their kids after school “Sorry kids, nothing special this afternoon to snack on, but I think I still have some corn dogs in the freezer”!!  Continuing on that note, they listed “Cheese (Potato) Tots” as a side!!!……………..BEFORE you stop reading and lose interest let me ‘tantalize’ you with the following description of the Corn Dogs:  “Bacon wrapped, char-grilled, cornmeal dipped, served with MADE ketchup and spicy mustard.”  This was a Corn Dog I wanted to meet up close and personal!

You will recognize many of Made’s food offerings as some of your FAVORITE ‘comfy’ foods from childhood!  It’s kind of like the Owners said to themselves:  “When I GROW up I’m going to do MY own version and it is going to be even BETTER”!  Well, I don’t know if they actually said that, but that is what they have accomplished!

Let’s talk about the “Cheese Tots”!  Well for one thing, they are a bit misnamed (or they just GREW up), but Made’s version is more the size of a croquette!!   Perfectly breaded and Made Train Carfried and with a surprise cheesy backdrop and just a kick of ‘cayenne’, these could have been listed as an entrée instead of a ‘side’!  My favorite aspect of the ‘tot’ was the “Malt Mayonnaise’ that was served with it!!  This was another example of Made putting their OWN spin on a standard!!!

Speaking of a ‘standard’, who doesn’t remember that old standby known as the “Waldorf Salad” ?  
I can’t speak for your memories, but my memories would NEVER tempt me to order it out!  (it was bad enough I had to eat Aunt Elsie’s version at family picnics)!  I can only assume my dining companion’s memories were far different than mine, as this is what she decided to order.

Made’s Waldorf Salad included:  watercress; red apples; jicama; pears; candied walnuts & golden raisins with a yogurt dressing.  This was BEAUTIFULLY presented and the dressing was neither overwhelming nor ‘cloyingly sweet’! 

American Cuisine Sarasota, FloridaI guess it was one of those ‘salad’ kind of days, because I ordered Made’s “Chopped Salad”.  AGAIN, there was nothing ‘typical’ about this selection!  It is described as:  “house blended greens; grilled corn; cucumber; chipotle marinated cherry tomatoes; pulled pork; deviled eggs; & ranch”.
What peeked my curiosity was the addition of ‘pulled pork’!  I spent MANY years in Memphis where they put pulled pork in everything BUT their pancakes, and was excited to see this!!  Humming a few bars from ‘Walking in Memphis’, I dove into my salad with delight!!!  I used the word ‘dove’ intentionally!  I so appreciate when a salad is served to me that is already in ‘edible’ bite-size’ portions and I don’t have to get out my knife to move on to the next bite!  I just find this so ‘friendly’ and accommodating!!!

Remember that I mentioned it also came with a deviled egg?  That little devil was perched right on TOP of the salad and I wondered what surprises it might hold for me!  I took one bite and I was definitely SURPRISED!!  This tasted like NO other deviled egg I have either eaten or imagined before.  Truthfully, my rather well-tuned taste buds could not even ‘fathom’ what gave it its unique ‘flavor’, so I had to ask.  “Chorizo Sausage” was the surprise ingredient.  Well since I don’t like Chorizo sausage, I am not the best judge nor do I feel like I am in a position to ‘critique the egg’!!  
I will say, that like the other items on the menu, this was certainly a creative spin on a classic!

Having found the salads and the ‘tots’ more than satisfying, I was still curious to see what Made’s interpretation of ‘Chicken Salad’ would be like!  The manager was kind enough to bring us a little ‘sample’ to taste!  Described as:  “Curry mango chutney, spiced almonds, Granny Smith apples”, my ‘taste test’ has prompted me to make sure I order this the next visit!  Unlike Chorizo sausage, I AM a fan of ‘curry’, and found this to be delicious!

SO are you wondering what ‘childhood dessert’ I was tempted to order?  Both our server and the manager had recommended their Banana Pudding!  If for NO other reason than to satisfy my curiosity as to how this classic had been ‘modernized’, I succumbed to the suggestion!

This was the “ADULT Version” of Banana Pudding but I ate it with childish enthusiasm!!  This pudding had been ‘bruleed’ and I even think it had a hint of ‘liquor’ (don’t tell Mom)!!  I will NEVER be satisfied with just plain old Banana Pudding again!  OH – it was garnished with a little vanilla waver, whip cream and fresh strawberry!!!

In summary, Made’s “Slogan” says “Modern American Eats”…………and I left feeling ‘thoroughly culinary- modernized” and wanting MORE of MADE!!

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