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Great Italian Food in Bradenton, FL, “Eat Organico”

Great Italian Food in Bradenton, FL, “Eat Organico”

| Sande Caplin |

What a surprise! Last Friday night we decided to go to a restaurant that we’ve never been to before. Our friends Billy and Sharon said “pick the restaurant.” That’s a lot of pressure and Laura picked “Eat Organico.” She saw it while shopping in a store next to the restaurant. No website, but a Facebook page that described it as “Organic Authentic Italian!”

Oh what a find! From their Facebook page- Authentic organic Italian, wine bar and Italian Sushi “Crudo,” farm to table, local produce, cage free eggs, homemade pasta, hormone free and no preservatives. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Authentic Italian Food Bradenton FloridaIt’s a family owned restaurant and everything is prepared on an individual basis. Chef owner, Simone Salustri does a fabulous job. His fiancée Amber Mayner and mother Deborah Mucci serve the tables and were wonderful. Deborah also makes the pasta used here and at other Italian restaurants at her shop (Pasta Mucci). Oh, what food! I had Orecchiette alla Tabbarano which is Orecchiette pasta sautéed with garlic, broccoli, sausage and scarmorza cheese. It was light and delicious! Laura had the Melanzana Parmigiana (eggplant). She said it was the best she’s ever had! Billy had the Lasagna di Corvina which was homemade and baked with Corvina Seafood, tomato sauce, and 2 cheeses. He loved it. And Sharon had Pollo alla Cacciatora which is thick sliced chicken breast sautéed in a fresh tomato sauce with garlic, rosemary, mushrooms and balsamic vinegar reduction and a side of Beet Gnocchi which was shared. It was fabulous.

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We shared a bottle (or 2) of Pinot Noir! And, the homemade Tiramisu for dessert was fabulous.

Well, this restaurant is a real find. Family owned nice people, great food, nice atmosphere and “Organic Authentic Italian!”

Eat Organico
4832 Cortez Road West
Bradenton, FL
941 251-4177


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