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Duffs Buffet

Duff’s Buffet is Like No Other!

| Sande Caplin |

When a friend suggested we go to Duff’s for dinner recently, I really didn’t want to go. My experience of buffets were not great; greasy food that’s been sitting under warming lights for hours, everything cooked in grease, and bad service. Was I ever surprised when I visited Duff’s Original Buffet in Bradenton! 

You can eat any way you want at Duff’s Buffet. You can eat from the Italian Buffet section. You can eat Mexican from the Mexican Food Buffet. Then there’s juicy roast chicken and veggies, a ham or roast beef always being carved, and a dessert buffet to knock your socks off. There is truly something for everyone at Duff’s Buffet, and something for every taste. The Fruit Buffet was so filled with fresh watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe that I went back three times.

 Duff’s Original Buffet is clean as a whistle and each buffet area is constantly being restocked with fresh offerings. The staff is so pleasant and will go out of their way to bring you your drinks, extra lemon, and answer any “buffet questions” you might have. For me, Duff’s Original Buffet in Bradenton was a home run.  There is much more information about there menu on their website.

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