Date Night at Primo Ristorante in Sarasota, FL

Date Night at Primo Ristorante in Sarasota, FL

Since my husband and I recently moved here, we are still discovering great places to eat.  This past Friday night, it was a little late, but we decided to venture out and try a place we have never been to before.  We used to challenge each other when we moved to a new community, to go to two new places you have never been to before and meet at least three new people a month.  If you follow that practice, your new community will feel like a familiar place in less than six months.

We have gotten a little lax with that challenge as it does take some effort to find new places and actually have conversations with people that involve exchanging names, etc.  But you never know the friendships that can evolve from just a casual conversation.  And likewise what restaurants you will find to add to your collection of great places to eat.

Well, if you decide to go to Primo, you actually will get both. Nice friendly people that will remember you when you come again and some awesome, homemade Italian food. Two for two is a great night!  

primo2Because it was late when we decided to go out to dinner (after 8:30PM) I called Primo just to make sure it was going to be OK.  The friendly voice on the other side of the phone, said “come on over”!  Ok, let’s go.  The adventure is on.  When we walked into the restaurant, I suggested we eat in the bar area.  There at the bar was a couple that were dining on two different pizzas and were engaged in a conversation with staff behind the bar.  It was apparent that they were regulars as everyone working there knew them.  This bar area was casual, but intimate and my husband said, “ I feel like we are on a date”.  

Now for the food and drink.  We ordered a bottle of Italian wine that was affordably priced and very nice. Then came the sample of the heavenly meatballs topped with fresh warm chunky tomato sauce.  I order for my main dish the homemade Italian sausage with broccoli and my husband had the lightly breaded salmon baked in the wood burning oven.  Both dishes came with a side of pasta. The salmon was served with tomatoes and topped with fresh mozzarella. Both were exceptional and I was glad there were leftovers for lunch the next day. 

Of course dinner wouldn’t be complete without dessert.  Especially if it is homemade. I had the chocolate cheesecake with the best strawberry sauce I ever had.  If I could have licked the plate, I would have!  My husband had the spumoni, which consisted of the flavors, chocolate, pistachio and amaretto.  I was able to steal a bite and I honestly cannot say which dessert was better, because they were both so good.  

Today at the gym (it was the cheesecake that made me go) we ran into new friends and told them what a great place for dinner we went last night.  They told us they have been searching for an old style Italian restaurant since they just moved here from Orlando.  I shared with them Primo’s location and encouraged them to go.  Primo is located at 8076 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota.  941-359-3690.

Photos courtesy of Primo Ristorante website.

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