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Clayton’s Siesta Grille Looks to Fall Reopening

| Jodi Schwarzenbach |

There is a certain level of happiness that occurs when you walk into your favorite restaurant. Is it because you’ve been there so many times that you have the menu memorized and are considered one of the “regulars” by staff and other guests?  It doesn’t matter; whether you answer the riddle or not, you will always come back here to celebrate the good times with an off-the-charts meal.  Regular is never a word you have used to describe this place.  Spectacular.  Phenomenal.  Always special.  Never run-of-the-mill and never ordinary.  On Florida’s Suncoast, there is only one name that is synonymous with these descriptors.  For world-class dining in the heart of Siesta Key, Clayton’s Siesta Grille is your place.

Clayton's Siesta Grill outside

Landmark Restaurant

What do you do when you’re a landmark? A destination of sorts for so many customers who have made the trek to your destination to share their special moments and look to you to provide exceptional food, service, and ambiance?  In normal times, you are there for them, day after day, and all these years later.  But the new normal calls for something different.  The new normal in the face of COVID-19 requires a thoughtful decision.  One that may not be popular with all and certainly one that you have made with painstaking consideration.  In the end, Clayton’s has decided to wait until after the summer months to reopen out of an abundance of caution for their staff, guests, and vendors.

Owner, Clayton Thomas, explains it this way, “We miss everybody, and we look forward to serving the community again, but we just could not operate safely under the given guidelines.”  With safety in mind first, Clayton hopes to bring back all his employees when they reopen in the fall.  In the meantime, there is much abuzz at Clayton’s happening. This beautiful dynamic restaurant is undergoing exciting remodeling changes over the summer.

Message from Clayton's Siesta Grill

Improvements Being Made

Some of the improvements expectant guests can anticipate upon their return to their beloved Clayton’s in the fall include all new pavers on the patio and beautifications on the exterior.  Inside, new tables were purchased, and everything is getting a fresh coat of paint. Perhaps, the most transformational change will be the latest state-of-the-art kitchen the chefs and staff will find upon returning to work.  With regard to menu changes, Clayton assures us, the menu may be “tightened up.” The standard highest quality, locally sourced foods, expertly prepared dishes as only Clayton’s can do will remain the same. 

As if the service and exceptional quality of food at Clayton’s could get any better, it looks like their reopening will be robust and enthusiastically received by their long list of devoted fans. 

When will Clayton’s reopen?  Clayton Thomas is quick to remind that many restaurants that opened have re-closed. He does not want that to be the case with Clayton’s Siesta Grille.  “We love who we are, we love what we do, and we can’t wait to get back to our customers.”  Fall is the target, stay tuned for exciting updates on the remodel and reopening of Clayton’s.  For more information, please visit their website.

Photos courtesy of Clayton’s Siesta Grille Facebook page.

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