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Café BarBosso & BrewBurger’s- Great Food Inside- Music on the Outside

If there is one thing we have absolutely gleaned from this pandemic experience about restauranteurs, it is that they are one creative group.  When it came down to doors being closed to inside dining, the take-out business took on new life, with grab-and-go orders being filled for everything from tacos to tequila.  Businesses even used their contacts to supply neighborhoods with minimarts where they could purchase excess bread, vegetables, and prime meats.  Staples like toilet paper suddenly became available thanks to our nearby restaurants. 

Companies like Door Dash and UberEATS became next of kin as contactless deliveries made it safe and easy.  And after tackling our dining needs, these feisty restaurant managers turned their attention to the entertainment factor, so sorely missing during these trying times.  They paired musicians, looking for ways to perform again with the idea that music can happen anywhere.  It was a novel way to keep a sense of normalcy and patrons loved it.  The idea of parking lot bands took off, and to this day, are still going strong for some original creators.  We are highlighting two of our favorites, Café BarBosso and BrewBurgers.

Café BarBosso Stand Out from The Crowd

Café BarBosso

When you think of Café BarBosso, images and taste reflections of tantalizing dishes, vivacious laughs (have you met Chef Joe Dimaggio?), and artists painting smiles on the faces of patrons as they tickled their canvases with paintbrushes during dinner, of all things, come to mind.  Dining at Café BarBosso is more of a taste-tempting experience versus your run-of-the-mill evening out at an Italian restaurant . 

It takes a crazy bunch like this to not only turn their 5-star menu into remarkable takeout fare, but they have also added live music to their repertoire.  According to the always in demand Chef Joe, “We have been doing it for 10 months.  We started out for our takeout/curbside crowds and grew organically into a 17-piece band on Fridays with Sarasota Jazz Project, and Saturdays featuring The Shift Change Band.”  Joe goes on to say they have “100’s tailgating outside and patio dining.  We are extremely grateful.”

BrewBurger’s Popularity and Remodel

Café BarBosso

Over at BrewBurger’s off of Jacaranda and I-75, their little neck of the parking lot woods is hopping with local music and a fresh remodel.  It has outdoor and indoor guests rethinking that this burger joint has evolved, utilizing every bit of its limited space. Great food and outdoor music, centrally located just a mere minute off I-75 and Jacaranda Boulevard.  Add in affordability and cold beer and the equation adds up.

Whether it is their location on Venice Island or Jacaranda, BrewBurgers is a local’s favorite.  But during the pandemic shutdown, it was their Jacaranda location that got a remodel and a new attitude with music in tow.  As Krystal, General Manager of BrewBurgers, explains it, “We decided we wanted to give our customers a new dining experience. With that in mind we took time during the pandemic to close and completely remodel. This gave our guests a fresh and safe place to dine, including garage doors to bring the outside in with an open-air feel throughout the entire restaurant.”

For those who have stopped in for an after-work takeout on a Friday night, the difference in crowd enthusiasm and lack of available parking is a direct reflection of the popularity of their new jingly attitude.  Krystal goes on to say, “We of course wanted to introduce entertainment… bring spirits up again.  We have local bands play on weekends, including Rocky Trop, Bittersweet Saloon, Doug Burns and Smokin’ Mirrors.  We offer a new cocktail menu along with all our local drafts and craft cans as well!”

Local Eateries Ingenuity to Thrive

The ingenuity of these two local favorites, along with a host of others, has amazed and inspired us.  We are thankful for their creativity and care for old and new patrons alike.  It has been during these times that we have not only supported our old friendly haunts, but also cheered on newer unknown eateries with our patronage.  If you are ready for some fun, outdoor mingling, music on a sweet Spring evening, and food prepared with love while listening to some familiar tunes in Florida’s newest stages, parking lots and patios, consider Café BarBosso or BrewBurgers.  And, as always, #supportlocal. 

For more information on our two featured restaurants, including menus, hours, and musical lineup, please visit Cafe Barbosso – Sarasota, Florida and Home | Brewburgers | Best Tasting Burgers and Icy Cold Beer.

 Photos courtesy of Café BarBosso and BrewBurgers Facebook pages.

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