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Bradenton's Best Cuban Sandwich at Mixon's Groveside Cafe

Bradenton’s Best Cuban Sandwich at Mixon’s Groveside Cafe

| Molly Slicker |

When the afternoon rolls around and your stomach starts to growl, heading to a fruit farm may not be your initial thought. Well, after visiting Mixon’s Groveside Cafe at Mixon Fruit Farms, that will definitely change. 

The people I work with joke that I’m an accidental Cuban sandwich connoisseur. We’ve even talked about me writing an article ranking the area’s best Cuban sandwiches. For now though, the search is over. I have been to Mixon’s, I have ordered the Cuban, and I don’t plan on trying anywhere else anytime soon.

Growing up in the Bradenton area, I have sipped Mixon’s fruit juice my whole life. It’s always freshly squeezed and supports a longtime local business… A pretty sweet deal. However, I had never been to Mixon’s Groveside Cafe.

When you step inside Mixon’s Market, you feel like you are stepping into a simpler time. The Market is loaded with homemade treats from kettle corn to fudge and yes, lots of juice. 

The Groveside Cafe offers a simple menu with plenty of crowd-pleasers. A variety of your usual soups, sandwiches, salads, and pizzas are options. I noticed a sign that said “Try Mixon’s Famous Cuban Sandwich” and I am so glad I did.

The Best Cuban Sandwich at Mixon's Groveside Cafe Don’t tell my American boyfriend, but I have fallen in love with a Cuban.

I’m not going to go into great detail about it other than, the bread was perfect, the ratio of meats was perfect, the sauce was perfect. Why and how are you still reading this? It’s perfect, they’re open today, go get one. 

Mixon’s Groveside Cafe is open 10am-5pm, more information can be found here:

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