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JoTo Steakhouse Sarasota, Florida

Best Japanese Steakhouse in Sarasota

| Sande Caplin |

Jo-To Steakhouse is a Delicious Show for the Whole Family

It gets pretty hum-drum going out to the same restaurants for dinner, time after time.  But we have a solution to that predicament…a restaurant where Tepanyaki Chefs put on a show, featuring  the freshest  seafood and fish, beef and chicken, as you watch these highly skilled chefs flip knives and food through the air with an astonishing ease.  Your reward is a perfectly cooked and presented Japanese dinner with an extra touch…you’re watching a master chef prepare your food right in front of you. This is an interactive world and Jo-To Japanese Steakhouse is the finest steakhouse that features Tepanyaki in the area.

For those of you who are familiar with the art of tabletop cooking and the amazing show you are presented with by masters at your tableside, you’ll be thrilled to know these master chefs serve the following delicacies:  Sushi and Sashimi, fresh, every day, for as many as there are in your party.  They serve popular Tempura, Teriyaki, Sukiyaki, and Negimaki, plus appetizers like Gyoza, Sesame Chicken, Seafood Eggroll, Yakitori, Edamame, and more.  Their reputation for being the best Japanese Steakhouse in Sarasota was well earned because everything is fresh, the staff are lovely, and Nancy, the bartender, will whip you up your favorite drinks with her panache as a seasoned cocktail mixer.

If you don’t know what Jo-To means, translated it is “excellent; the best, very high class.” Come and expect to be treated like royalty. JoTo wants you to come back, time and time again. Serving you is an honor to them and their practice of serving only the best is their way of wishing you good health. JOTO’s is one of the original sushi bars in the Sarasota / Bradenton area.Tableside Cooking Sarasota Florida

Their comfortable surroundings feature a full bar, serving Japanese beer, wine, and specially-made drinks in figurine mugs.  Whatever you want, Nancy can make for you. The air is festive at Jo-To Steakhouse.  They have a traditional Japanese dining room with a beautiful garden view.  This view and the tranquil surroundings at JoTo is their way of bringing peace into your day, so you’ll look at your experience with us as a peaceful oasis in your busy life.

Because the Japanese culture revolves around tradition and their preparation of food, JoTo  honors that ancient art of presentation.  When you enter the restaurant, you’ll notice the natural elements of design…minimal furniture, tranquility, environmental peace and pleasurable natural elements like stone and wood.  JoTo welcomes you to their restaurant.  The entire experience, from food preparation to delicious drinks and a show as the chef prepares your food…well, you just can’t find that at most restaurants.  They hope to make you one of their regulars by making  delicious food and drinks, and providing you with a high quality atmosphere of tranquility during your dining experience.

Sushi and Sashimi Saraota FloridaCheck out their daily specials, happy hours and holiday events by logging onto our website:  The staff at JO-TO are welcoming and informative about our menu and accommodations. They invite you to come and enjoy all that JO-TO has to offer.  We are open Monday-Thursday from 5-9:30, Friday and Saturday from 5-10 and Sunday from 4:30-9.  We are located at 7971 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, Fl. Call us at 941-351-4677.  LIKE THEM ON FACEBOOK!

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