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The Humane Society At Lakewood Ranch- You Will Fall In Love!

The Humane Society At Lakewood Ranch- You Will Fall In Love!

| Sande Caplin |

Are you in need of some anxiety relief? Do you sense a void in your life, whether it be a relationship, or lack thereof, fair-weather friends not always around, judgmental family members and employees, or, in general, does the daily grind have you ground? 

If so, you need a best friend.  And I don’t mean another flawed human who has the potential to dampen your spirit.  I mean a true-blue, 100% loyal, always-happy-to-see-you being, whose only requirement is that you, too, be loving, loyal, and equally sweet.  Are you ready for this?  Forget or Tinder.  Instead, look to the Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch.  They have your one-and-only partner waiting and wagging for your arrival.

Most of the rescued animals who reside at HSLWR have been left behind because owners move and realize accommodations aren’t present for their pets, some are victims of abuse, abandonment, and others have stories that remain unknown.  What is certain is the high level of care and attention these animals receive once they come through the doors at HSLWR.  All vaccinations, medical attention, spaying/neutering, and micro-chipping is provided by the facility.  They are staffed by nearly 80 volunteers and shelter manager, Lori Bell, so every hour of work there is truly a labor of love.   The animals they receive mostly arrive via Manatee County Animal Services and remain at HSLWR until they are adopted to loving families.  For some, that can be up to a year or longer, and the road to their forever home can be lonely.

Pet Adoption Manatee County

Meet Shannon.  She is an almost five-year-old, adorable, Chihuahua-mix, with a “smile for days” grin on her face that is very loveable.  She has a penchant for females but gentle males are also delightful to her.  She’s a sweet little peanut with short hair, perfect for a small environment if you’re thinking you don’t have room for her!  She has come to believe the shelter is her home as she’s seen families come and go for nearly a year now.  She would love to welcome you home every day and is willing to brighten your hours with plenty of walks, fresh air, and companionship.  Photos of Shannon are noted below.  She hopes you will consider her worthy of a look, and paws-crossed, even a trip out to see her and say “Yes!” to the Chihuahua.

Pet Adoption Sarasota County

And representing the feline population at HSLWR is Maple.  Oh, Maple, you are so cute!  Surely, your forever home is just around the corner, for anyone can benefit from the frolicking fun that a fuzzy little kitten provides.  Maple is a mere four-month-old bundle of joy.  She is a mixed-orange tiger with a white chest and white paws for doing that cute boxing thing that all cats do!  She is ready to make your days purrfect with playful romps around the backyard chasing butterflies and rolling around in the grass.  She will adorn your windowsills with her sweet self as she basks in the sun, reminding us all to slow down a little.  She hopes she can grow up in a loving home, ready to become best friends with you and your family.  Maple is the cat’s meow and she hopes you’ll think that too as you peruse photos of her being cute below.

In addition to Shannon and Maple, HSLWR is currently home to an additional three cats and eight dogs.  They are all ready to meet you and impact your days with kindness, empathy, and mood-enhancing abilities beyond any drug or drink.  Pets bring purpose and make a house a home.  There is sincere truth in calling a dog “man’s best friend,” and ask any cat person who will let you know that a cat’s nine lives have made their own life immeasurably more enjoyable.

The Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch is a non-profit facility and they are always in need of supplies including Canidae dry food for cats and dogs, pet beds, cleaning detergents including bleach wipes, dish soap, cat litter and so much more.  If you’d like to donate or meet one of the pets available for adoption, you can stop in at 7334 Trade Court, Lakewood Ranch.  They are grateful to Stanley Steamer, who has provided them a rent-free space for the past six years.

Follow your heart, but make sure you have the time, money, and commitment for a pet.  They will meld into your life in a way that enhances you, brings out aspects of your personality including greater patience and calm, and in general will make your world a better place.  Shannon and Maple and the gang are waiting for your arrival, and the Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch is open…..For more information, please visit

Photos courtesy of Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch

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