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Blessing Bags Project

The Blessing Bags Project – Bringing a Touch of Hope to the Suncoast

| Angela Naff |

Everyone can agree 2020 will be one for the record books and not soon forgotten. We all learned how strong we were as the pandemic sickened and killed people across the globe. Loved ones got sick, many people quarantined for long periods without any direct human contact outside those they lived with, millions lost jobs, hosts of people mentally struggled with the isolation, and other debates rocked our world. While all are looking to 2021 for a fresh start, it will be a long and slow road to recovery for many. In the midst of the pandemic, several organizations continued to care for our Suncoast communities’ most in-need families, children, and citizens at large. The Blessing Bags Project is such an organization that remained poised to help in so many ways during last year’s trying times.

More About the The Blessing Bags Project

The Blessing Bags Project

The Blessing Bags Project was founded in 2014 by a group of concerned citizens in Manatee county to address the homeless population in their community positively. Providing hygiene products, necessities, warm meals, and special one on one requests for children and families alike is a big undertaking for this and many organizations. Homelessness due to job loss, situational poverty, and other circumstances was worse in 2020 as families who lived closest to the edge lost jobs, kids were not in school for free/reduced lunch, and other factors pushed many into unimaginable situations. The tourism industry so critical to our economy, and feeding hotel workers, food service employees, and other industries here on the Suncoast were crippled last year. Through 2020 The Blessing Bags Project remained focused on being a resource and a tiny ray of hope to those needing it most in our community.

As Christmas rolled around, fundraising was hard to do in person, as many organizations must to keep their operations moving. Through partnerships in the community with other nonprofits, restaurants, and those who just stepped forward to fill a need in a huge giving spirit of unique opportunities, The Blessing Bags Project served over 150 Christmas wish lists and numerous needs in our community to make Christmas just a little better for those who might not have had any joy that time of year. This is not a mission that can be done alone, no matter how big the intentions. Many other organizations have banded together to address the needs in a big way, sharing resources to provide more comprehensive solutions to those requiring assistance.

2021 Mission Forward

As 2021 rolls through, The Blessing Bags Project will continue to be a beacon of hope. Collecting requests from individuals, organizations, and even Facebook messenger of those needing a little leg up remains their only focus. While fixing the homeless, food insecure, and other such issues afflicting our community and so many others is a huge task with no easy solution, helping chip away at our community’s needs and provide a spotlight of hope remains The Blessing Bags Project’s mission. If you want to know how to get involved in any way, big or small, please visit the following sites or call:  




(941) 720-1720

Photos courtesy of and The Blessing Bags Project

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