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Sunocoast Charities For Children

Suncoast Charities For Children

| Sande Caplin |

Suncoast Charities for Children is a 501C3 that provides annual grants to the Suncoast Foundation in support of children, teens & adults with special needs and their families. From these grants, buildings valued at over $14 Million dollars have been constructed in the Sarasota, Venice and North Port areas. These buildings are currently occupied by Children First, Community Haven for Adults and Children with Disabilities, Loveland Center, Sarasota County Special Olympics, and The Florida Center for Early Childhood. These agencies experience a significant savings with an annual lease payment of only $1 per year on each building.

Over the years, Suncoast Charities for Children has provided $ in grant funding to the Suncoast Foundation so that necessary repairs and maintenance could be made to these aging campus locations. The most recent grant made was by Suncoast Charities for Children for $134,000 in 2014. 

This support from Suncoast Charities for Children is critical, enabling each of the non-profit agencies occupying these buildings to direct their program and service money directly to the clients they serve, rather than having to allocate those funds towards necessary maintenance and repairs. Services provided by these non-profit agencies on an annual basis impacts approx. 8,000 children, teens and adults with special needs and their families. Listed below is a timeline of how this grant funding from Suncoast Charities for Children been reinvested in our local community, resulting in a strong community impact.

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