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Sarasota Streets of Paradise Offers "Move-In" Program

Sarasota Streets of Paradise Offers “Move-In” Program

| Sande Caplin |

Information from Streets of Paradise Facebook page.  Many people who follow Streets of Paradise think of them as a group who feeds the homeless. While this is true, they also fulfill many other needs of people in our community.

A huge passion of Greg Cruz’ is their “move-in program.” He is personally present for nearly every one. Linda McFarland, Natasha Gartenberg Reisner, Cathy Bryant, and Devon Oppenheimer often act as sidekicks. They bring furniture, small appliances and everyday supplies to the recently “re-homed.” These are formerly homeless individuals who have completed programs such as the the ones offered at the Salvation Army. Now, these folks are starting over in places of their own. It is a new beginning.

Streets of Paradise Move In ProgramIf you’d like to help Streets of Paradise, the following is a partial list of donations. These items are desperately need right now: 

• Pots and pans with lids – new or “like new” condition

• Dish sets (plates and bowls), glassware and coffee mugs

• Silverware and cooking utensils, such as spatulas, wooden spoons, large serving spoons, pronged pasta servers, ladles, etc.

• Mixing bowls and colanders



• Toilet paper & paper towels

• Cleaning supplies, including dish soap for manual washing, automatic dishwashing detergent, and laundry detergent

• Microwave ovens

• Sponges, Scotchbrite pads, mops, buckets, brooms, dustpans

• Deodorant and razors

Thank you for supporting this important organization in our community. The Streets of Paradise appreciates you!

Photo from Deposit Photos


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