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Blessing Bags Project

Prayers Have Been Answered for the Blessing Bags Project

| Sande Caplin |

The Blessing Bags Project mission is dedicated to the homeless and less fortunate by providing basic critical needs.  Founded by Betsy Plante, the organization has done wonderful things to help in our community.

In mid-January, Betsy put a post on Facebook asking if anyone had a van that they wanted to donate to the organization.  It would be used to hand out hygiene items, socks, shoes, snack bags, prayer cards and so much more.  And hopefully, on Sunday mornings it would be used to hand out coffee, hot breakfast sandwiches, and lots of love to the less fortunate.

Blessing Bags Project

Well, Betsy’s and many members of the organization had their prayers answered.  Betsy said “God answers prayers! I just knew He would provide. When you see Scott Elliott and Sherry Alessa Elliott from 88Live Piano Bar, thank them for blessing The Blessing Bags Project with their conversion van.”

Blessing Bags Project

From Sherry Elliott- Betsy and I have been friends for many years.  I volunteer with her with the blessing bags via the Bridge Church.  We were sitting down talking and she mentioned they were looking for a van to use to hand out food, clothing, shoes, toiletries etc. to the homeless and less fortunate.  I went home and spoke to my husband and said, I never want to sell this van, why don’t we give it to Betsy for the Blessing Bags.  He agreed immediately! We have had that van since my children were very young and have made the most wonderful memories in it! I’m happy and honored it’s going to be around town where I can still see her, and she will be doing a lot of good things! The cherry on the top is…… She and was Ole Betsy!  True Story haha there ya go! 

From Betsy Plante- Bridging the Gap was created by The Blessing Bags Project Small Group from The Bridge Church. We are expanding our small group and will be out on the streets on Friday afternoons distributing food, water, supplies, lots of love, and prayer. The GAP stands for many things; however, the “G” is always God. We also wanted to honor The Bridge Church for teaching us to love people just where they are in life.

This is what was on our Facebook page. When I looked at my post about the van being donated, my first words were “God Answered My Prayer”. I knew the van name would be “The GAP VAN”.


God Answers Prayers
God Always Present
God Always Provides
God Always Protects
God And Purpose
God Always Giving
God Accomplished Promises

The GAP VAN will be used on the streets. We will have hygiene items, socks, shoes, snack bags, prayer cards, etc. Hopefully, we will begin Sunday mornings by handing out coffee, hot breakfast sandwiches, and lots of love.  We will also reach out to organizations to sponsor Sunday morning breakfasts.

Blessing Bags Project Website
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