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Hungers End Inc Semi-Annual Quarter Auction in Palmetto, FL

Hungers End Inc Semi-Annual Quarter Auction in Palmetto, FL

| Laura Bell Adams |

On March 16, 2019 Hungers End is hosting their Semi-Annual Quarter Auction at First United Methodist Church of Palmetto (330 11th Ave. W. Palmetto,FL). Doors open at 5:30pm. For your $10 donation at the door you will receive two bid paddles and a free dinner and beverage.

What’s a Quarter Auction? Each player gets a match numbered chip to their bid paddles. They put their chip in the auction bowl. When an item comes up for bid, you choose how many bid paddles to hold up, and for each bid paddle you must put the amount of quarters in the center bowl. The chips are then mixed and a single number is pulled from the auction bowl, if you bid AND your number was drawn, you win the item.

Items valued $25-$49 = 1 quarter per bid paddle held up

Items valued $50-$74 = 2 quarters per bid paddle held up

Items valued $75-$99 = 3 quarters per bid paddle held up

Items valued $100-$ no limit = 4 quarters per bid paddle held up

So the most you have to bid for any item is 4 quarters per bid paddle held up. Cool, huh?

Hungers End Semi Annual Quarter Auction is the major fund raiser for our organization. We expect 200 people to be in attendance. The organizations that donate items to this fund raiser allow us to meet our yearly goals to freely provide food and clothes to those in need from our food pantry located in Bradenton, FL. Your donation will be used to raise funds that allow us to provide a free meal every Monday night for those in need and free groceries from our food pantry on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday every month serving 500-600 families. Please RSVP to: by March 15th, 2019



Thank you for your consideration and all you do for our communities to help those in need.

Please contact Carl Snyder, President/Founder of Hungers End to donate auction items. Items needed: overnight stays at area hotels, gift certificates to local restaurants, in-kind donated items from businesses and tickets to events.

“Hungers End” partners with other great organizations in Manatee and Sarasota counties, including: Feeding Tampa Bay, Mayors Feed The Hungry Program, The Blessing Bags Project, F.E.L.T., Trinity Without Borders (Serving 75 families free groceries each month at Robins apartments), Palmetto’s Community Blessing Day annual event, Manatee County Food Bank (Meals on Wheels Plus), Sonny’s BBQ Buy a meal Give a Meal program and various outreaches into neighborhoods. They are a 501c3, 100% volunteer organization that has operated in Manatee county for over 4 years.

Vicky & Carl took a small step of faith a few years back after seeing how great a need there was in our city and formed Hungers End Inc. Since then, they have had a box truck donated to them from Community Vision Church in Laredo Texas, and have been Blessed to have so many amazing partnerships and people join together for this common goal.

To help or to RSVP or call Toll Free: 855/777-0259



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