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Hometown Circus Coming To Manatee PAL January

Hometown Circus Coming To Manatee PAL January

| Laura Bell Adams |

This will be the 2nd Annual Manatee PAL Kid’s Festival, which will feature the LARGEST petting zoo in the state of Florida sponsored by The Serge Coronas Family

– ANIMALS, ANIMALS ANIMALS…Two Giraffes, Zebras, highlander cows, Zebus, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, kangaroo, mini horses, donkeys and more. Kid’s rides, bounce houses, animal rides, train rides, face painting, exhibits, and festival food & beverages.



Serge Coronas, Sr. is very proud to produce a brand-new production for the 2nd Annual Manatee PAL Kid’s Festival by adding his circus this January to the four-day event. Circus Hollywood Presents, “Entertain You”, a high energy, fast moving, upbeat performance, featuring first class productions, world traveling performers, acrobats, daredevils and, of course, animals! Circus Hollywood is known as Americas most dazzling circus where dreams are made!

Circus Hollywood has camels!Serge Coronas Jr. and his family have been a part of the Circus Hollywood for five generations, over 100 years of helping and entertaining families. “It’s a family thing. It’s in our blood,” explained Coronas. “Our family were wire walkers.” He proudly recalled the brazen high wire acts of his grandfather, Charles Coronas. Though Serge Coronas Jr. might have started out in a family of wire walkers he’s also a daredevil, performing in the circus’s motorcycle cage act where he and another rider defy gravity by racing around inside a metal-framed globe, about 15 feet in diameter. Though, Coronas said being a part of a circus means being a jack-of-all-trades. One of his first acts was juggling.

Circus Hollywood is coming to Manatee PAL in Bradenton, FLThe Hollywood Circus tent is 150 by 150 feet, holding 800 people. The circus has seven revolving acts with camels, horses, dogs, clowns, daredevils, magicians and trapeze artists. The show, animals, tents and all the gear are compacted onto the back of 12 semi-trailers for travel and it can take about 20 men an entire day to set it up.

During the main traveling season, which is from July to December, the circus leaves its headquarters in Florida and visits several states, putting on countless performances that entertain thousands of fair goers across the country.
“We do a show two or three times a day. It’s not uncommon for the staff’s workdays to go from 7 a.m. to past midnight when putting on performances,” he said. “What is a routine for our family is novel to others,” explained Coronas. Coronas said one of his favorite parts of doing the show is seeing the joy children and adults get from watching it.

Circus Hollywood is bringing their act to Manatee PALCircus Hollywood is certainly a family business. Serge’s father, Serge Coronas senior, is the show’s manager and his mother, Stevie, does stunts with a team of Friesian horses. Coronas’ wife, Letisha, does similar feats, but with a mixed team of camels, horses, and lamas. His two sisters are also performers. Nicole Coronas does a wide range of gymnastics, often high in the air, and Crystal Coronas specializes in the hula-hoop and has an act with dogs doing tricks. Serge’s brother, Cristian Coronas, also does gymnastics but takes part in a magic act with a mother-and-son duo, Romanian magicians Elena and Violet Bilea.

Hometown Circus will be at Manatee Pal 202 13th Ave. E. Bradenton, FL 34208 Jan. 17-20. Save the date!

Photos from Circus Hollywood and PAL

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