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| Sande Caplin | is a local Sarasota – Bradenton Charity organized by the Elks of Lodge 1511 in Bradenton. 

This great effort is put together for the benefit of the 2,000 children that the Manatee County School Board has identified  as homeless or living in food deprived homes.  Some of these kids reside in the back of cars, group homes, or motels.  The Elks distribute backpacks full of food to these children through a discreet program at Manatee County Schools.

This program works not only to provide food for these local children, but to shed light on a local issue that all Manatee County locals are able to help with.  These aren’t individuals half way around the world – these are our neighbors right here in Sarasota and Bradenton.  For those that feel we should be doing more domestically before concentrating our efforts outside of our national borders – here’s a great opportunity.  Consider the difference it will make in a child’s life.  Consider that its a child attending one of our own Manatee County elementary schools.  Consider donating to this great local charity.

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