Bradenton, Florida- Manatee Pal / AYF Launches New Website

Bradenton, Florida- Manatee Pal / AYF Launches New Website

Exciting news from Manatee PAL! They have launched a new website for American Youth Football (AYF) and American Youth Cheer (AYC) .

The website was designed by the team at Sande Caplin & Associates with input and support from Program Director Gina Spicer, Deputy Ralph Bryant and MCSO, Frank Gargett.

From their website: Since 1996, the AYF has grown its roots across Florida, giving rise to more teams as communities have joined our organization. Our teams are operated by trusted adults with yours of experience in both adult and youth sports organizations. Background checks are completed on everybody who volunteers with us to ensure the ultimate safety and comfort of every youngster and young adult participating.

The goal of The American Youth Football League & The Police Athletic League was conceived with a simple but powerful goal in mind: to help the youth by establishing a comprehensive sports league where young people may play sports, and by doing so, develop crucial skills in teamwork, competition, sportsmanship and friendship. We don’t just offer an opportunity for kids to perform consistent physical exercise, we give them platforms to learn teamwork and build relationships by participating in sports.

American Youth Cheer Team PhotoIn the PAL / AYF, children and young adults make friends for life, fostering important connections that benefit everyone involved. The lessons our participants learn are ones they keep with them throughout their lives. We aim to further sportsmanship and honor among children in a competitive atmosphere, making sure no child or young adult is left behind or made to feel out of place. Simply put, the PAL/AYF is a safe home for youngsters to learn, grow and develop their social and athletic skills.


The Police Athletic League is a youth activities center lead by Manatee County Sheriff Officers and a volunteer Board of Directors for the purpose of:

*Preventing juvenile crime and drug use.

*Provide positive role models for our youth.

*Develop discipline, self-esteem and positive moral values through wholesome competition.

*Create better relations through communication between Law Enforcement Officers and the youth of our community.

For a complete schedule of events and more information please visit their website at


Photos from Manatee Pal / AYF Website

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