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A Lot of Love from the Streets of Paradise in Sarasota

A Lot of Love from the Streets of Paradise in Sarasota

| Sande Caplin |

It was move-in day for some less fortunate people in Sarasota. With the help from volunteers from the Streets of Sarasota Organization it became a reality. Here is an update from their Facebook posting.

Yesterday’s magic included two U-Haul’s, 9 movers, 4 prep workers, 5 donation pickups, countless donations of every item needed for 6 move in’s from house to homes, for a total of 18 people!

Eighteen people from 3 months to 50 years are safe, dry, off the streets and have beds, couches, dressers, coffee pots, food, cups, plates, napkins, cleaning items, hygiene items, socks, linens, towels…and most importantly, homes this morning because of YOU!



Your love and our combined efforts grew this family and sustain this village. You are so very treasured! Big love and gratitude. #housesintohomes #family #community #gratitude

If you are interested in sponsoring a move in day or helping with a move in day, please contact us here or call/msg- Cathy Bryant – 620.481.0446

photos from Streets of Paradise Facebook page

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