A Local Bradenton Friend Needs Your Help

A Local Bradenton Friend Needs Your Help

Traci Pope, who lives in Bradenton, FL, needs your help. She’s not the kind of person that would normally ask for help and appreciates everything she has. Traci is known for her great attitude which shows even more since her cancer diagnosis earlier this year.

In May she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Since July she’s undergone 2 surgeries to remove the cancer and large tumor. The surgeons were able to remove much but not all. So, now she will go for radiation and chemotherapy treatments for 6 weeks. Six weeks! That’s 42 days or 1008 hours! This whole ordeal is taking a big chunk out of her life. An evaluation by the doctors will be made after that to decide what happens next.



Meanwhile, life goes on! Bills come due, groceries need to be bought, medicine has to be paid for, etc. etc. But, since her cancer affects her physically, Traci can’t go to work!

She’s blessed with people who love her and can help care for her physically. Her son, Regan Kelly, and daughter, Riley Kelly, live in the area. Also her sister, Terri Pope, and long-time friend, Tim Chandler, are close by to lend a hand when needed.

So, the main concern, besides the horrible reality of the cancer, is money to pay for everything she needs while she fights this.

On December 13 from 6 to 9pm, the Swordfish Grill & Tiki at 4628 119th St. W. Cortez, FL 34215 (Marker 47 by boat), is having a fundraiser to help Traci pay the bills. The Eric Von Band will play great live music and there will be a silent and a live auction as well as a 50/50 raffle.

You can help in several ways: pray and send good thoughts to Traci, come to the Fundraiser and spend money, donate items for the auctions (contact Kat at (941) 525-0673), or donate on Facebook. 

Please know that all your help is appreciated and benefits a wonderful woman and her devoted friends and family.

Photo from the family of Traci Pope



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