Party Under the Stars

2022 Party Under the Stars for a Good Cause Suncoast

The 2022 Party Under the Stars is coming on February 26, 2022, from 6-10 p.m. The theme will be a masquerade Mardi Gras style held at the Sarasota Hyatt Regency. If you have never attended one of these events, you are in for a real treat. It has been named the Best Local Event in recent years with hundreds in attendance, and hundreds of thousands raised each event to support cancer patients in need of their treatment in various forms.

That all sounds good, but why should you attend? Well, if the good cause isn’t enough, maybe the live show, succulent dining option, or live auction might be the inducement you need to add this event to your social calendar for early 2022. Get out and join a wonderful time of dancing, socializing, and having a blast for a great cause.

Why This Cause?

Cancer is a disease that we have all been touched by somehow. Parents, friends, or even you might be diagnosed at some point in your life. The diagnosis, treatment, and medical tests alone can drain a patient, much less the added financial burdens that come with a life-altering disease such as this. Time off work, along with other monetary concerns, becomes a reality for treatment, travel, or just recovery time, and this leaves some patients unable to meet rent, insurance, car payment, and other bill needs. That is where the Florida Cancer Specialist foundation comes in. Through generous donations of those who attend functions such as Party Under the Stars, this organization helps bridge the essential non-medical living expenses of adults battling cancer in Florida.

If you don’t have this disease yourself, count yourself lucky. If you know someone who does, you know firsthand what a difficult road they have in both the treatment and the life struggles the disease will bring. One small way you can help is this signature fundraising event that goes into helping more patients continue to thrive despite a cancer diagnosis, here on the Suncoast.

Florida Cancer Specialists Foundation

The Florida Cancer Specialists Foundation (FCSF) was established in January 2011 by a group of FCS physicians who personally seeded the fund with a generous gift of $500,000. Through a merger with Gulf Coast Oncology (GCO) Group of Pinellas County in 2011, Florida Cancer Specialists inherited a 501(c)(3) Foundation established by that practice in 2009. July 2014 marked the official re-launch of the Florida Cancer Specialists Foundation in Sarasota, Florida. The Volunteer Program was initiated, and paid staff and volunteers began working together to provide assistance and support to individuals who have cancer. The Foundation has grown exponentially since its inception, and to date, we have awarded close to $7 million in grants to cancer patients in need.

You can help be the hope to a cancer patient in desperate need simply by coming out to help, attend or sponsor this amazing event. Go the the find out information about sponsoring or other details as they become available. 

Let’s make the 2022 event the best one yet!

Photos courtesy of Party Under the Stars

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