WSLR 96.5 Community Radio

WSLR 96.5 Community Radio

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with Arlene Sweeting, Station Manager for WSLR Radio, 96.5!   It was quite an experience. We chatted for awhile as Arlene explained to me how the station got started, what they do now and what the plans are for the future.   She took me on a tour of the studio and then to “Fogartyville.” I was so impressed with the entire operation.

As stated in their mission statement, WSLR is an innovative listener-supported nonprofit, non commercial FM radio station dedicated to serving the Sarasota Community. WSLR features locally-produced programming and evens that feature cultural, artistic and political perspectives currently underrepresented in the media. Their goal is to inform and empower listeners to play an active role in WSLR and the community. WSLR promotes equality peace, sustainability, democracy, health and social & economic justice.

I have to admit, I was kind of in the dark about what the radio station is all about. After my meeting with Arlene, I started to dig a little deeper. Well, WSLR is the pulse of our community. So many folks that I know had such great things to say about the radio station and how important it is to the community. I started listening to some of the programming and now I am a regular listener. It’s all about supporting “local!”

Sarasota Community Radio, Arlene Sweeting“Fogartyville” is a hidden gem. There is some great music and entertainment going on there. You can find the complete schedule of events on their website at or on their Facebook Page. This venue is just so very special. You won’t believe some of the top notch entertainment that takes place in this hidden gem.

Arlene…..thanks for the information, thanks for the tour and I hope to be back soon. Please, support this great Sarasota organization. It’s yours!

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