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Wild Ginger Apothecary:Sarasota’s Health and Wellness Mecca

Wild Ginger Apothecary:Sarasota’s Health and Wellness Mecca

| Laura Bell Adams |

Don’t you just love discovering a new store, where everything that is sold speaks to your heart in some personal way? Such is the case when I had the pleasure of visiting Wild Ginger Apothecary in the Gulf Gate area. I knew of the store through mutual friends and was aware they even sold all-natural Lola Blue products that are manufactured in North Port. But, when I opened the door and this captivating aroma, reminiscent of aloe and lavender fields, hit me I was hooked.

First, let’s cover the ABC’s of CBD oil. CBD oil is reported to assist in a variety of ailments from arthritis and stress, to eating disorders. If all of this is foreign to you but you are into natural healing alternatives, then Wild Ginger is the place to begin your CBD journey. Billing themselves as a “CBD Boutique,” they have an extensive selection of oils and also relevant training to provide shoppers with direction on which oils would work best for their particular ailments. According to store owner, Nicole Leffler, Wild Ginger Apothecary is the largest carrier of CBD oils in the Sarasota area. But, as comprehensive as their CBD oils are, this is just the beginning of all that Wild Ginger has to offer.




Organic oils are available at Wild Ginger Apothecary in Sarasota, FLI love when items have been vetted. At WGA, Nicole and her staff try out all of the products that are sold on their shelves. From all-natural deodorants to environmentally-responsible doormats with inspirational sayings (“Let that shit go” appears throughout the store) shoppers can be assured that everything has been tested. Nicole is happy and eager to share her experiences with the products and is proud to offer that knowledge to her clients. For regular customers, this has become an invaluable tool to stay abreast of all the latest natural-health sensations. There is a stringent process to securing shelf-space at WGA and the basic tenets are based on quality, purity (which includes a list of non-negotiable items that are forbidden), effectiveness, and responsible practices which means no animal-testing and companies must be eco friendly. Some of the items you can find there include makeup, skincare, home decorative items, nutritional/wellness supplements, teas, crystals and more. It’s one of those stores that finds you fixated at a display for long periods of time soaking in the smells and information only to discover something equally captivating mere feet away.

Wild Ginger Apothecary is much more than a unique place to purchase healthful products. Nicole Leffler’s wellness-focused lifestyle and business plan have evolved to include a movement studio where yoga, belly dancing, tai chi, Pilates and Nia classes are offered for the entire family. A learning lounge offers visitors an inviting area to talk with Tarot card readers and other psychics who have become regulars at WGA. With a laid-back feel complete with modern but comfy chairs and large tables, the lounge area is perfect for enjoying music, art shows and other community wellness events. With seating for 30, it is a functional setting for team building events and health exhibits. A Tarot reading followed by some healthy retail therapy might just be the fun-infusion your holiday work gathering needs.

CBD oils are available at Wild Ginger Apothecary in Sarasota, FLThe next time you are in the Gulf Gate area, make a point of stopping in to see the extensive line of health and wellness products offered at Wild Ginger Apothecary. When I visited, I enjoyed going over my cards with a Tarot reader. I’ve been thinking of that experience ever since and have been trying to recall the gorgeous scent that greeted me when I walked into Wild Ginger Apothecary that day. I am anxious to return soon, pick up some great Christmas gifts, and peruse this very cool health and wellness retail hotspot again. For more information, please visit their website here.

Photos courtesy of Wild Ginger Apothecary Facebook page.

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