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Website Design

Why your business needs a new website now?

| Angela Naff |

This year had seen a new normal emerge as to how we live all aspects of our lives. Socially distancing, masks, virtual meetings, curbside pickup, and remote work became part of our vernacular as never before. The pandemic also saw business from small mom, and pop restaurants to grocery stories take a tough look at their structure and evolve to survive. For many, this meant a new website, fresh look, and new tools to facilitate their business in an entirely new manner.

Just a Website, or a Customer Experience Tool?

While many say, “I have a website.” The question needs to be, “is it delivering caliber clients to your business or just taking up space on the world wide web?” To some extent, all of us use the best websites on the planet for our daily lives. Think of Amazon and all the various items we order from them or other such retailers. When you can’t run to the store, you know you can find what you need online. A couple clicks, and you can check that off your list, and it will show up on your doorstep without stepping foot into a store. Does your business, no matter the size, have a customer experience tool that powerful on your side?

Ease of navigation, clear storytelling, interactive capabilities, and of course, service drive the best websites. When you go to the site, do you know immediately what is and is not available, or are the search and navigation able to get you there with little to no effort? Is checking out, reservation making, delivery options, and other key metrics of customer satisfaction detail and simple for even a new user to execute? Put time into understanding what your business can offer in these different times and down the road, and the story you need to tell to make yourself stand out. Now take a gander at your site with new eyes. Does it tick all the boxes as a consumer, or is it time for an upgrade or new storefront altogether?

Small or Large a Website is Critical

Even small businesses that maybe hadn’t thought of online as necessary to their success before the pandemic learned that they would not be the case any longer. To survive and thrive in this new normal, businesses will need to learn to meet consumers’ demands on a different playing field. Curbside pick up of everything from clothing to cheese curds is happening, does your business offer this style of service? Restaurants a plain menu won’t cut it. Ensure that the person ordering on your site has plenty of imagery to whet their appetite. You want to capture as much of that customer’s business as possible. Curbside pickup, delivery, gift cards, virtual reservations, chat, and customer support need to be planned to ensure the service in person resonates with the same values when being done on this new platform.

Professional Help A Click Away

Website design

This is a big undertaking, and having a professional helping lay your new website’s groundwork is critical. Sande Caplin & Associates has built 100’s websites on the Florida Suncoast. Our sites are viewed by thousands of people every day! We will evaluate your current website at “No Charge.”

If you need a new site or an upgrade to an existing one, call us today at 941 347-4500. It will be the most important phone call that you make to ensure your business’s continued growth.

Or visit our website for a better understanding of our services. Additionally, we have an excellent reference list of clients that will be more than happy to talk to you about and recommend our services to refresh or create your website. Take a look at a few examples of our work:

Eating Establishments:

Swordfish Grill and Tiki
Goldrush BBQ
Piccolo Italian Market & Deli 

Retail Businesses:

The Herbarium
Hometown Desserts
Longboat Limousine 


The Billy Rice Band
Kettle of Fish
Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio

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