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Why Workplace Health is Important for Employers as Well as Employees

Why Workplace Health is Important for Employers as Well as Employees

| Laura Bell Adams |

For employers, a happy, healthy, and productive workforce should be seen as the ultimate goal, and not only for altruistic reasons.

Impacting everything from your earnings to the sort of talent you can attract, taking the wellbeing of your workers seriously can come with lots of advantages for your business, meaning it should be at the very forefront of your agenda. Here are just a few of the many important reasons why you need to start taking it seriously.

Workplace health can impact earnings

While having a happy and healthy workforce is optimal on a purely human level, it can also have major implications for your earnings. That’s because every sick day your workers take comes out of the company coffers, with poorly employees still needing to be paid even though they can’t perform the job you hired them to.

On top of this, if you’re found to be in some way responsible for your employees’ ill health, you may have to provide financial compensation. This means that applying for a workers’ compensation insurance quote can be a wise idea, protecting both you and your staff in the event of any accidents or illnesses that occur at work. Knowing you have this in place offers both you and your staff important reassurance.

It can halt productivity

As well as having financial implications, employees being absent from work may negatively impact your productivity. This can mean that you either have to call in cover to make up the numbers or that projects have to be placed on hold if a similarly skilled person cannot be found to fill the role on a temporary basis. This could result not only in delays and a drop in productivity and profits but in damaged client relations if deadlines cannot be met or the expected service provided.

Workplace health can affect moraleIt affects workplace morale

On a more human level, not taking the health of your employees seriously can have a highly detrimental impact on workplace morale. That’s because the individuals who work for you dedicate a lot of time and effort toward turning your company into a success, so it’s only fair that they can expect a certain degree of compassion and altruism from you in return. Where this is lacking, you’re likely to find that workers are unwilling to stay with your company long term and that staff turnover is high. 


It helps to shape your company’s reputation 

Last but not least, the way you treat your workers will have a major impact on your company’s reputation, which could affect the sort of talent you’re able to attract. If you’re known to be loyal to your workers and to take their health and wellbeing seriously, you will be much more widely respected by those working within your industry and seen as an employer who people want to work for. In some instances, this could broaden your appeal more than any sort of monetary incentive you may be able to provide.

When it comes to the health of your workers, it’s important to view this an absolute priority, not just on a personal level, but on a professional one too. Isn’t it time you refocused your efforts and made your workplace a happier and healthier place to be?

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