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What Not to Miss When in Sarasota

What Not to Miss When in Sarasota

| Laura Bell Adams |

Sarasota is a charming town located on the Gulf Coast of Florida. It has plenty of beautiful gardens ideal for romantic getaways, restaurants, and museums and bits for every type of visitor.

Because of its selection of lovely places, it’s an attraction that most tourists have on their bucket list. But with so many places to go to how can you know which ones to visit? In addition to the number of interesting locations, there are some fun activities you could do when visiting the charming town of Sarasota. So, if you find yourself in this town, you won’t get bored for a minute.

Here are some of the things you can do:

Take a Stroll through the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary
If you’re a cat lover then this is the place for you as this big sanctuary is dedicated to big cats and other animals as well. It’s located on the Palmer Boulevard and it’s made up of three large indoor and outdoor habitats that feature pools and a plant or two to make the animals feel at home. The scenery is magic and if you want some cool pics to take a camera with you.

Play Casino Games at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
Not every tourist is interested in the culture a town has to offer. Some of them are looking for a more active approach. For example, casino enthusiasts would like to check the local casinos out and their best bet would be the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. There they can enjoy classic table games like poker, slot machines, and blackjack.

Slot machines and their online counterparts are easy to learn but don’t have a great payout. The RTP is as low as 90% so your chances of winning are minimal. On the other hand, blackjack usually has an RTP of up to 99.5%. With the right strategy, you can hit that big blackjack payout and walk away with a big prize.

Enjoy a Play at the Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe
If you’re looking for a night of excitement then you should visit this theatre. A couple of musicians keep things interesting here adding exciting changes to the repertoire every year. Nate Jacob founded this theatre back in 1999. The theatre produces 5 shows per season and it prides itself on being the only professional black theatre in Florida. In addition to the musicals, you can enjoy some dramas by famous playwrights and spend an evening in good fun.

Have a Picnic at the Nathan Benderson Park
Looking to relax and wind down? Then you’re in luck as Sarasota has lots of parks to help you with that and among them the Nathan Benderson Park. This green area is coupled with a lard man-made lake that compiles a scenery that will take your breath away. The park is a regular place for regatta competitions but that won’t stop you from finding your quiet spot. If you prefer a bit more action to this calming setting then you’ll be happy to know that the De Soto Food and Music Festival is coming to the park.

Have a snack from the Central Sarasota Farmers Market
You’ll be happy to know that Sarasota is a foodie destination as well since it has plenty of restaurants where you can try local food. But if you’re looking for some hands-on experience then you should try the Farmers market at Central Sarasota. It’s booming with fresh vegetables and fruit and lots of happy faces ready to sell them or just have a chat with you. With music in the background, you’ll find this place to be quite charming.

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