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Lee Volpe

Welcome, Lee Volpe!

| Sande Caplin |

Sande Caplin and Associates is pleased to announce that Lee Volpe has joined their team as “Creative Director.”  Lee will also be a “Contributing Writer” for The Sarasota Post.

Lee brings something very special to our company!  About Lee from the website….. “I was a slow reader, diagnosed with a learning disability, and by the end of third grade it was suggested I be held back. As part of the remedial tutoring I opted for, I was given the task to write a story.  Little did I know that assignment would be the genesis of me, the first taste, the moment that changed everything.  Daisy the Cow was the result of my 8 year old imagination.  A cow that was beloved by all the neighborhood children until someone gets a puppy & Daisy loses the spotlight.  Daisy begins howling at the moon, fetching, lifting her leg, & causing all kinds of trouble – for a cow.  With the help of her friends, Daisy realizes that she is special, loved, & perfect just the way she is.

At the time, I was approached & offered publication for Daisy the Cow.  After a year, I completed tutoring & was reading almost two grade levels higher.  I resolved my fear & dislike of reading.  And in finding the words, I found my voice.”

Lee knows many folks in our area and has some great interviews planned among them Tom Hall, Director of the Sarasota Film Festival, Henry Lawrence, entertainer and candidate for the U.S. Congress, Gina Spicer, Event and Fund Development Coordinator for Manatee Children’s Service, entertainer, Karen Klarich, Daniel Jake Likins of the Florida Blues Brothers, entrepreneaur Kelly Gotha, singer Lena Lemon, entertainer, Betty Lou Fox and so many more.

Lee, welcome to the “team!”  Keep smiling and adding the light and humorous side to our everyday lives!  For more information, visit or

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