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We Love Our Detwiler’s Grocery Store on the Florida Suncoast

| Suncoast Post Staff |

Detwiler’s is an impressive grocery store chain located in Florida known for its commitment to providing high-quality products, personalized customer service and community involvement. With a long family history spanning generations of ownership, Detwiler’s has been delighting customers with its unique selection of fresh, organic goods and specialty items since opening its first store in 1965.

From its humble beginnings as a small, independent grocer on the outskirts of Tampa, Detwiler’s has grown exponentially over the years to become one of the largest family-owned supermarkets in the state. The chain prides itself on offering shoppers an unparalleled shopping experience that other stores simply can’t match. All of their stores feature wide aisles stocked with top-notch products that are sourced from trusted suppliers around the globe. In addition, customers can count on finding award-winning produce, delicious prepared foods and even exclusive items available exclusively at their locations.

But what really sets Detwiler’s apart from other grocery stores is their passion for giving back to their local community. From donations to local non-profits and schools, to sponsoring events and supporting charities around Florida, Detwiler’s consistently goes above and beyond when it comes to being good neighbors.

Detwiler grocery

If you haven’t had a chance to visit one of Detwiler’s stores yet you’re missing out! With friendly staff dedicated to providing personal attention, great prices and quality products, shopping at Detwiler’s is a refreshingly delightful experience! Whether you’re looking for ingredients for dinner or want to try something new – be sure to check out your neighborhood Detwiler’s – they won’t disappoint!  Note- New store opening in Bradenton in the Fall of 2023.

Detwiler’s Expanding Again Here on the Suncoast

From Detwiler’s Website, About the Detwilers –

It depends on who you ask when and where our story starts. For my older children it started when we sold produce and Amish barns and outdoor furniture in the late 90’s when we lived in Farmville, VA, or for most of them today they will tell you about the 10×20 tent at Sutter Egg Farm in Sarasota. Or some of them might say it started at Fruitville Grove Market where we learned so much about local Florida produce and our loyal Sarasota customer base was born. My youngest will say it was our Palmer store where we officially became Detwiler Farm Market that our story started.

But for me it started in Franconia, PA, as the grandson of a butcher Edgar Landis. Our Mennonite culture taught us to work with our parents and grandparents, so my brothers and I were taught the trade of butchering and retailing at Franconia Meats. Memories of cutting meat aside of my grandfather or helping him make scrapple our some of my favorite. Or helping my dad make sausage or grind hamburger or make deliveries to Landis Supermarket, our cousins who owned a “big” supermarket. As I got older the butcher shop and retailing became a big part of my life.

Detwiler grocery

Growing up on a little 8 acre “farm” in Vernfield, PA taught me a few other things about life that serve me well today. Number three in a family of eight you learn to do your part and share, and I learned about simple and frugal eating and living.

My dad loved farming better than butchering but to pay the bills needed a job so that’s how we ended up working for my grandfather. My grandfather, Arther Detwiler, was a farmer and I think he raised and butchered chickens to sell locally or to hucksters that pedaled them into Philadelphia. My favorite picture of him is an old black and white of him standing in the barn with a big smile on butchering day.  Read More

Detwiler Market

Photos from Detwiler’s Website / Facebook

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