Waking Up with Skullywag’s Coffee Bar in Cortez, FL

Waking Up with Skullywag’s Coffee Bar in Cortez, FL

The Suncoast Post team was lucky enough to kick off their weekend with a fresh cup of Joe and the Anna Maria Island Chamber’s official ribbon cutting at Skullywag’s Coffee Bar in Cortez. Located in Bunny & Pirates Bazaar, right before the Cortez bridge, Skullywag’s is the area’s newest (and only) specialty coffee bar.

Named in memory and honor of owner Elizabeth’s beloved brother-in-law, Tim ‘Skully’ Quinlan, Elizabeth and co-owner Jeffrey want to make everyone at Skullywag’s feel like family. There are tokens of Skully, who worked as a famous roadie for bands like Pearl Jam and Hootie and the Blowfish, and their families all over the coffee bar. Elizabeth says, it’s reminders of family that helps keep them going. That, and coffee of course.



This coffee bar not only plans to “wake up Cortez” but it does so using fresh beans locally roasted in Ybor City. You can enjoy an Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Cafe Con Leche and more. Personally, I opted to try the Cafe Con Leche and it was seriously smooth and delicious.

Grocery items are available at Bunny & Pirates in Cortez, FLAlong with their caffeine offerings, they also host a great selection of various breakfast items. From fresh pastries to bagels, to warmed muffins, and even a variety of keto-friendly fresh-and-healthy grab-and-go breakfasts. Whatever your morning routine, Skullywag’s provides.

With Bunny & Pirates’ addition of Skullywag’s Coffee Bar came another exciting upgrade. The revamping of their Marketplace has proven they’re truly a one stop shop right in the Cortez neighborhood. An impressive and growing selection of snacks, local produce, sandwiches, groceries and more! They’ve thought it all through and have everything you may need for hosting a gathering or satisfying a craving.

Co-owner Jeremy makes espresso at Bunny & Pirates in Cortez, FLYou can grab your morning coffee, a bite, and ingredients for dinner all in one location. Or, preferably, you can stay and hang out. Enjoy some live music or get to know the awesome crew at Skullywag’s. If you end up staying later than planned, you can enjoy the treat of their rotating “What’s For Dinner?” daily menu and a craft beer at the beer garden.

They’ve even debuted their fabulous new website made by the web design team at Sande Caplin & Associates so you can check out more of the darling Bunny & Pirates story.  bunnyandpirates.com

Run in to grab what you need or stay and play awhile. Your favorite friendly pub just got beyond convenient.

Bunny & Pirates  
12404 Cortez Rd. W. Cortez, FL 34215
(941) 281-2582

Photos from Sande Caplin & Associates/The Suncoast Post


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