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Useful Apps To Use For Your Small Business

Useful Apps To Use For Your Small Business

| Laura Bell Adams |

Mobile Apps are essentially part of our lives. You only have to look at the fact that in 2017, we downloaded a grand total of 178.1 billion apps worldwide. There are apps for everything, from counting calories and learning to play golf to organising your scribbles and playing your favourite card games. Every market and business is expecting huge growth in this area and consumers have high expectations. However, apps are not just for consumers, but it can be essential for the actual business as well. It is clear now in the modern day that when you can find a mobile app to do almost anything you can imagine that they are very important to business. If you own a small business you could find that using the right apps could really help you to be more organised, stay efficient and increase productivity. Which ones do you need to consider using if you haven’t already?

Survey Monkey

This app is fantastic if you want to know what your customers or prospective customers think of a product or idea but you don’t want to carry out expensive and time consuming market research. With SurveyMonkey you can create surveys that can measure satisfaction of customers or receive feedback on your products for example. Surveys can be created from a template and branded as necessary, then reviewed as soon as they come in from any device. Surveys can be distributed via email, websites or social accounts.


This app is a great tool for managing expense reports and tracking payment of expenses. What is really unique and cool about this app is that it is able to integrate with other apps such as Uber and HotelTonight to record expenses on the go. This platform has become very popular with small business owners due to competitive pricing but can take a little time to master how to use it. Plus it is very secure, so not to worry about losing your data.


This is one app every small business owner should be familiar with. It enables many functions to be performed that are essential to running a small business. Some of these include viewing, sending and storing invoices, uploading and editing images to your media account, staying synced with your team to manage a website, setting up chat features to engage with customers on your site and managing bookings and meetings. This app has become a game changer for many.


The Square app is the leading mobile wallet app now, that enables small businesses to easily process credit card payments and lets customers make purchases. The app interface can be used alongside a card reader to provide a solution that is very convenient for both businesses and customers alike. If your business has a physical presence, whether that be selling coffee or clothes, as long as you are making sales this app will prove to be very useful.

When I Work

This app helps to get rid of the logistical issues involved with coordinating schedules of many different employees and their clock ins. When I Work enables the user to oversee and manage all their scheduling concerns with ease. It is easy to schedule shifts, find replacements to cover shifts when needed by sending notifications to employees and receive and manage requests for leave. Communication with staff either as a group or individually can also be done very easily. This app can also usefully be integrated with some types of business accounting software, for example Quickbooks.

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