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Urgent Care Facility Bradenton, Florida

Urgent Care is the Best Medicine at Oaks Medical Plaza

| Sande Caplin |

Urgent care facilities were created in hopes of reserving the emergency room for those with life-threatening illnesses or injuries. The National Medical Network says that walk-in facilities or urgent care facilities are “medical facilities where ambulatory can walk in without an appointment and receive non-emergent care.”  Bingo!  I woke up stuffed up again, almost 6 months later, and to make an appointment with my personal physician would mean waiting a week, waiting in the exam room a half hour and then walking out with prescriptions enough for 2 weeks time when the patient, me, is not better and needs to pay another bundle for a different round of antibiotics and an office visit.  So I looked up Oaks Medical Plaza where Dr. John Head is the main doc, and I went over there.

A friend of mine was recently a patient at the Oaks Medical Plaza, where Dr. Head took care of him.  He was so impressed with the doctor and his care that he inspired me to write this article.  My friend could clearly see the benefits of this kind of care.  He walked in with nasal congestion a cough and a headache, but wanted to be sure he wouldn’t be complicating his symptoms on his trip to NY on an airplane the next day.   Dr. Head examined him and prescribed an antibiotic, a cough medicine and some Ibuprofen.    Dr. Head covered all the bases and possibilities without any hassle, so I was heading over there to have a great visit with the good doc.  .

Walkin Emergency Care Bradenton, FloridaThere are definitely advantages in going to a place like Oaks Medical Plaza.  You have quicker access for treatment of your non-life threatening illness or injury.  I understand the co-payments are cheaper than treatment co-pays in the hospital emergency rooms.  You don’t need an appointment, and there are extended hours in most urgent care facilities.  They’re open on holidays and weekends, and you can usually find them in residential areas, in strip malls and alongside other stores.

And look at the statistics!  The statistics are fascinating!  Of the100 million people using the ER yearly, as many as 80% qualify as non-emergencies.  There are currently over 8,500 urgent care facilities in the U.S. and that number is increasing by 300 a year.  Walk-in medical services have proven to be the better choice both medically and financially.  It’s important and useful to know that there are alternatives to using the Emergency Room for your health issues

Say you’ve just moved to Bradenton and you haven’t had time to pick a primary doctor.  Or say your doctor’s office isn’t open.  Did you know that x-rays, lab work, suturing of wounds and IV treatments are all available to you at the walk-in-clinic? Some of us who have no health insurance can more easily afford this mode of treatment on an immediate notice.  

 I arrived at the clinic and filled out a small amount of paperwork.  I waited for half an hour to be seen and spent 45 minutes with Dr. Head, as though I were his only patient.  He gave me the medicines that were generic so I wouldn’t break the bank at the drugstore.  He explained exactly what was going on and what would happen and that I had this sinus infection for a very long time so 6 weeks on antibiotics was not unheard of.  I left a happy camper.

Dr. John Head Bradenton, FloridaI highly recommend Dr. John Head, M.D., and the Oaks Medical Plaza.  You will find the Medical Plaza at 308 53rd Ave East, in Bradenton, Fl.  For additional information on hours or directions, call (941) 751-5551.  

This was the first time any doctor had taken the time to explain my condition to me without me having to ask, and that’s saying a lot in this day and age.

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