Trophy and Sports World – Serving the Bradenton Area for Over 25 Years

Trophy and Sports World – Serving the Bradenton Area for Over 25 Years

Ken Hudson has been helping parents and students with their school athletic uniforms and trophies for over 25 years. Also, his company helps local businesses like Mixon Fruit Farms and Bright Future Electric, and he has embroidered shirts for The Sarasota Post and Sande Caplin and Associates, too! He and his staff are there every day working in the shop to make each article look great. Conveniently located at 3200 1st St. in Bradenton, FL, Trophy and Sports World is the go-to place for Team Uniforms. They offer Custom Silk-Screening, Vinyl Lettering, Tackle Twill, and Custom Embroidery. Need Cheerleading Outfits? They’ve got them at wholesale prices! Jerseys, Dance Team Uniforms, Swim Team Wear, Caps and in so many colors! Whatever you need to wear for your sport you can get from Trophy and Sports World.

They also offer engraved trophies and awards for the sport or activity you are involved with. They even have trophies for Car Shows, 4-H shows or whatever you want to give an award for!

Trophy and Sports World in Bradenton, FL has a large showroom.Trophy and Sports World has a large showroom where you can see jerseys, caps, trophies, jackets, sports bags, etc. Come on down and see for yourself! You can also visit the website  by clicking here .

They have a reputation for fast, friendly service and high-quality work. Ken will take the time and work with you to get exactly what you are envisioning on your apparel or trophy. The project is always completed in a timely manner and at a great price.

Photos courtesy of Sande Caplin and Associates, Inc.

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