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treasure hunting at Vintage Finders Warehouse truck

Treasure Hunting At Vintage Finders Warehouse

| Jodi Schwarzenbach |

Are you ready to go treasure hunting? The Suncoast Post interviews Vintage Finders Warehouse to find out what they are all about.

When it comes to home furnishings, old “finds” have become the new rage. Thankfully, we have become less of a throwaway society, having evolved into a reuse and repurpose mode. We see items alongside the road that others have discarded, and we think, “That will go perfect in my living room.” A couple of coats of paint and some minor mending and you end up with a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that you haven’t spent any real money on. That is winning.

But, if you don’t have luck or timing on your side and can’t seem to come across trash-to-treasure items on the fly, there is a local company making it easier than ever for you to find quality antiques, industrial relics and farmhouse décor. All in one place, and staffed with people willing to lend an idea, show you how, or tackle one of your home improvement projects for you.

Vintage Finders Warehouse

vintage finders warehouse

Vintage Finders Warehouse located near I-75 and Toledo Blade in North Port is your go-to location for salvaged and restored items. As they like to say, “We think that most everything can be salvaged, restored, painted, and given new life. If the paint is peeling off from years of wear and tear, well, that is beautiful too.”

We spoke with Vintage Finders Warehouse to get a better idea of what they do and sell. Please check out their website at

Suncoast Post: Tell us how Vintage Finders Warehouse came to fruition.

Vintage Finders Warehouse: Our full-time job was traveling all over the United States for over 20 years. We always picked and sold our items at the markets in Florida during the winter months. During the summer of 2016, work was slowing down, so we decided to open our own business and chose North Port, since it is our home.

SP: How do you source your items and how often do you get new inventory?

VFW: In-house calls or cross-country trips to go picking, and that’s the fun part. We end up meeting people and end up on farms, where we find all the good stuff.

SP: What are some of the more interesting picks you have been on?

VFW: Missouri was one of our most interesting picks a few years ago. We met a gentleman at the market, and he invited us out to his farm and to his friend’s farm. The treasures were amazing, from old signs and furniture to reclaimed wood and more. The conversation was just amazing. The history behind some of the treasures intrigues us just as much as the finds.

Vintage Finders Warehouse
1075 Innovation Ave Unit 106
North Port, FL 34289
(941) 423-9000

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Photos courtesy of Vintage Finders Warehouse Facebook page.

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