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Thompson’s Produce In Cortez, FL

Thompson’s Produce In Cortez, FL

| Laura Bell Adams |

When we walked into this little store we were immediately charmed. Everything is fresh and the aroma is wonderful. You see all the produce beautifully displayed all around the store and everything is colorful and bright!

Tim Thompson, the owner, is there to answer any questions and to help you find what you need.



The first thing he tells us is, “Everything is sold by the each! Not by the pound!” There are baskets all around the store with potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, bananas, squash, peppers, and more. He also has coconuts – and even has one growing a tree out of it on display!

A coconut with a tree growing is on display at Thompson's in Cortez, FlTim goes to a wholesale Farmer’s Market in Tampa to get most of his produce and 50% of what he sells comes from Florida. Thompson’s is known as “Home of the “Best Tomatoes” in Manatee County”, and you just have to look at them to believe that’s true!

He has three types of boiled peanuts that he makes and sells there in his store: Cajun, Regular, and Spicy. He enjoys making homemade goodies and he’s planning to make even more flavors! He also makes bread, applesauce, fruit butter spread, and so many other homemade food. While there he gave us a taste of some wonderful pickled beets and a bit of salsa. The salsa was sweet with a little bite to it and we ended up buying it and enjoying it at home.

Old-fashioned candy is for sale at Thompson's in Cortez, FLWe were pleasantly surprised to see that behind the register is a display of candy. Not the stuff you will see at most stores, but old-fashioned, nostalgic candy. Salt Water Taffy, Wax lips, Smarties, Rock Candy, etc. He also has CBD oil available.

Open 10:30am – 6:30pm 6 days a week, closed on Wednesday. Visit Thompson’s Produce of Cortez FL at 11904 Cortez Rd. W. Cortez, FL 34215 and you can also visit his Facebook Page. You will be happy you did!

Photos from Sande Caplin / The Sarasota Post 

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