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The Five Best Florida Destinations to Rent an Airbnb

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The state of Florida is a tourist’s paradise for 2023. One of the most exciting states in the country with its growing population, solid economy and bustling cities, Florida is the place where many people come from around the world for spring, summer and even winter vacationing.

While Pennsylvania is also popular among tourists, areas such as New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco will always be tourist hotspots; Florida is fast approaching the title of being one of the most visited parts of the country.

There are many ways to vacation in Florida. You can rent a hotel room, stay at a luxury resort or even book an Airbnb if you are hoping to save money or spend your vacation budget on other activities.

Below is our rundown of the top five places in Florida where you should be booking your next Airbnb.

1. The Palm Beaches

Think of the Palm Beaches, which include West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Wellington and Boca Raton, as the first place you should visit in Florida if you have never been to this part of the country. You may have heard tales about the crazy partying downtowns, bustling restaurants and thriving shopping malls, and now you can experience them for yourself.

Between shopping, surfing, enjoying brunch outdoors, watching polo games, hopping on a cruise for a few days and watching Broadway musicals, there is something for everyone. Whether traveling alone, with your spouse or with the entire family, you can easily find an affordable Airbnb in the area and then explore the various cities and towns to your heart’s content.

2. St. Augustine

One of the oldest cities in the United States, St. Augustine is still a very charming place to visit in 2023. Settlers first came to this part of the nation in the mid-1500s, and there are still spots such as Fountain of Youth and Castillo de San Marcos that date back to those times.

If you are a history buff or you appreciate architecture and landmarks from the past, then you will have a great time in St. Augustine. While it does not have to be the focus of your vacation, you can easily rent an Airbnb nearby and spend one or two days roaming the various landmarks and sites.

You may be more used to visiting places like New England and Pennsylvania to get your historic tourist experiences, but Florida also has a lot to offer. Between these stunning historical sites, there are charming cocktail bars, restaurants, nightclubs and fun establishments where the whole family can have a great time.

3. Florida Keys

Featuring a coastline that stretches for more than 100 miles, the Florida Keys are synonymous with vacationing in this part of the United States. Think of them as a paradise for people who love the ocean, warm weather, water sports, relaxed locals, affordable eateries and charming establishments.

While you are not going to see skyscrapers and skylines in the same way as you would in Manhattan, the Florida Keys have other benefits to offer. There are many affordable hotels, resorts, and Airbnbs that you can book in the area, which is appealing to families. Your extended family can even come along for the trip, as there is so much for all age groups to do!

4. Orlando

When you are planning a family vacation with everyone in mind, Orlando is likely your number-one destination in Florida. Between Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and other exciting theme parks and resorts, you can have the most action-packed and adventurous week of your life.

Orlando is more than only theme parks, as the nightlife and food scene are very exciting as well. There are great chefs from around the world who settle in the area, bringing their ethnic cuisines and cooking styles with them.

If you are traveling with a family, booking an Airbnb is often the best option in Orlando. While hotels and resorts are plentiful, they can get expensive when you are booking several rooms. Staying at a multi-room Airbnb may be more affordable while giving you a relaxing place to unwind after each day’s sightseeing.

5. Crystal River

Not everyone who wants to go to Florida on vacation wants a thrill-a-minute experience. You may want to book an Airbnb in an out-of-the-way area, which would allow you to relax, unwind and spend your days doing absolutely nothing! Crystal River is one of the best destinations if you have such a vacation in mind.

Florida’s western coast is the perfect place to travel if you want a relaxing and comforting vacation. Crystal River does have some exciting culinary offerings, although the nightlife is not very impressive. If you are happy to be around nature, want to engage in some winter sports, and love being in a peaceful place with great weather, then you will have a terrific vacation.

Another advantage to staying here is that, given it is not a major city, you can easily find a larger Airbnb for your whole family to stay comfortably on a budget.

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