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Termite Infestation

Termite Control

| Sande Caplin |

Drywood Termite Season is upon us!  Have you had your home inspected or treated for termites lately?  Termite swarms are happening all over the state of Florida right now, and we know you want to be proactive and keep your house free from any termite activity and keep them from ever returning.  

For years many pest control companies have used the tent method as the only way to get rid of termites.  After 16 years of experience and of studying the habits and signs of these pests, I have discovered that tenting is both inconvenient and actually not effective in keeping termites from returning. My method is cost-effective and provides long-lasting protection.

How can you protect your home from Drywood Termites?  I know there are scores of products on the market that work but don’t provide long-lasting results or keep those termites from returning quickly.  Although tent fumigation does work,  what folks don’t understand is once the tent has done its job and is removed from the home, the termites can return just like you can, and  they can live continue to live in your home and feed on the wood because there is no residual chemical left in the wood to prevent them from re-infesting your home.

Over the years Chemical Companies have come up with some great products to spot treat for Drywood Termites without not leaving much residual product behind. Termidor Dry,  a new product,  works very efficiently on existing termite colonies.  With just a couple puffs of the fipornil cellulose product in galleries and wood, will have the termites feeding on it and will take care of all termites until the colony has been eliminated.  It is a product I highly recommend because it does the whole job, not just spot treating.

How can I treat my home without tenting and get the protection we are talking about?
The products Your Pestco uses are guaranteed to fully protect.  Termites are grouped according to their feeding behavior. Thus, the commonly used groupings of termites are: subterranean, soil-feeding, drywood, dampwood, and grass-eating. Of these, subterranean and drywoods are primarily responsible for damage to human-made structures.  Borates have long been used as a safer alternative to highly volatile, synthetic chemical pesticides. The pesticide qualities of borates have been used for at least 300 years. To stop decay or insects, builders and homeowners can apply borates to existing wood. Borates go directly on the wood and not into the soil. Borates kill termites and other wood-eating insects by poisoning the microogranisms in the insects’ digestive tracts that are needed to break down the wood’s cellulose. In other words, the termites starve to death

Basically we are treating the wood, which is what the termites need to survive.  If the wood is treated, termites can’t eat it, especially if  long-lasting treatment and protection is the result of the use of these products.  We use special equipment to treat walls, attic space and crawl space, treating as much wood as is possible to access. Products like Orange Oil and Premise Foam are only good for spot treating wood.   Wth these products, sometimes it is physically impossible to get to all infested areas. The products Your Pestco uses are actually treating and preserving wood. With special high pressure machines  we can get to as much wood as possible. We are in the wood treatment business, treating and protecting you home from Drywood Termites. I have been doing this type of treatment for 16 years and have seen great success without tenting. Some of our customers have had over ten plus years completely clear of Drywood Termites, which is amazing!  Another advantage to this method is that you can spot treat just one wall, saving money by not having to treat your whole structure. Of course, we can only guarantee the areas that are treated.  

Your family, your home, your health, your life—put them all together and you have your world. With that world come responsibilities, like the need to keep it as safe and sound as you can make it.  And one way to do that is to keep your home free from pest infestations. Insects play an important role in the earth’s eco-system, but when insects invade your world and become pests…it is time for action.

In another time and place, pest management just meant the application of pesticides to eliminate pests. Over the years, pest management has evolved into a more precise science. Leading manufacturers and pest management professionals have been refining products and methods in order to eliminate target pests with the lowest impact on non-target pests and the environment. Now many Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) are moving forward to create the next level of pest management:  a solution based on your family and the environment.

Remember, this is your world we’re talking about, and in your world, there are options that can benefit your family.  At the top of the list is something called Green Pest Management®, an environmentally sensitive, green solution that can provide the pest protection you want with the earth-centered properties you need to protect your world.

Call Your Termite & Pest Control!  (941)758-0055 or (866)433-7039. Your Pestco provides FREE inspections and quotes, and we now have Termatrac,  the World’s No.1 Termite Detection Device.  Visit their website!

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