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Teacher Kathy Offering One-On-On Virtual Tutor Sessions for Students

This year was unexpected in so many ways no one could have predicted. Educational impacts on many of the children was one such setback. As classes closed, parents took on the roles of structuring environments of learning from home. Many students adjusted well to change, some struggled or lost focus. Virtual schooling options still had classrooms of children with various needs present, trying to learn at the same time.

For many here on the Suncoast the United States and the world, education became something that required additional thought to best meet all needs. Even when this pandemic is over some children require an extra learning push to excel, and others more personalized attention to work at advanced pacing standards. Teacher Kathy is here to help fill the short-term and long-range educational goals for children here on the Suncoast.

Teacher Kathy Difference

With over twenty years in educational environments, a Master’s Degree, and a desire to help everyone excel in the subjects that lay the foundation for life, Teach Kathy launched this year. Kathy Morash lives right here on the Suncoast on Anna Maria Island, and with the help of Sande Caplin & Associates launched her new business during this most trying of years. Offering personalized one-on-one tutoring sessions online allows her to best structure each lesson to the needs of the student.

Take a look at the website for the variety of programs that Teacher Kathy can employ. Success for All Reading, Wilson Reading, Move It Math, IREADY and others allow flexibility to build the right program for every child. Fees like the program are flexible and personalized depending on the number of hours required, subjects, and such. Whether low self-esteem, inability to organize, or simply frustration at not understanding concepts are making your child feel less than positive about school, there is hope with this personalized tutoring solution. There is still time to make the 2020-21 school year, the best one yet with personal support and tutoring for your child.

Email:  kathy@teacherkathy.com

Photos courtesy of Kathy Morash

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