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It’s hard to believe that the July 4th holiday has past, and we are right smack in the heat of the summer.  Traditionally, it’s the start of the “slow season” here in Florida.  This year, with COVID-19 it is even slower.

Now, on a daily basis more and more people are testing positive for the virus.  This was not supposed to happen, but it did.  Why it happened is a whole different story.  We still need to figure out ways to help support our local businesses including restaurants and retail establishments.  They are hurting.

How You Support Local Businesses

What can we do?  There are many ways to help.  Many retailers are doing curbside pick-up.  Check their website.  If they have on-line ordering you can order from the website and pick up your merchandise without leaving your vehicle.  It can be clothes, books, handbags, leather goods, glasses, household items,  toys, games, hardware items, paint.  The list goes on and on.

If you are comfortable going into a retail store, of course you need to wear your mask.  You will get preferential treatment by the owners and they will do everything possible to make your buying experience a great one!

So, what about restaurants?  There are many different ways to help them.  For starters, many have “outside seating” where there is social distancing.  If you are comfortable sitting inside, they are doing everything possible to make your dining experience both safe and enjoyable.  If you have questions, call the restaurant.  Ask them questions that will make you feel more comfortable. 

Other Support Options

If you’re not comfortable going out to eat, there are so many ways to support local businesses and enjoy these great restaurants.  There are so many delivery services like Uber Eats, Bite Squad, Door Dash, Grub Hub and more.  Many restaurants have on-line ordering, or you can call the restaurant and place your order for delivery.  Also, just about every restaurant has curbside pick-up.

The new normal is doing things a lot different than we used to.  Let’s all do our part.  Support your local retailer and restaurant.  You will be doing something awesome and wonderful.

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