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sunflowers at hunsader farms

Sunflowers at Hunsader Farms in Bradenton, FL

| Jodi Schwarzenbach |

If you are peeking out your windows and considering making the move from couch to car, we have a fun, peaceful, and socially distanced event for you to consider. Sunflowers at Hunsader Farms!

Picture, if you will, this: Gentle sounds of playful birds as they seem to lazily discuss the nice day that is blossoming. Add in a colorful mirage of yellows, browns, and greens as far as the eye can follow, and a cool but gentle breeze giving substance to nature’s conversation. And then, when your senses cannot possibly stand anymore of this outdoor brilliance, grab an ice-cold chocolate milk or some locally produced honey and a giant seedless watermelon to go, feeling like you just had a mini vaca. Sound good? Come on then!

Hunsader Sunflowers

Hunsader’s Sunflower Field is a must-see. After weeks of being homebound painting, pruning, dusting and distance learning, emerging back into the world can be scary. You can either dip your toe back into society or take a giant slide right into a field of sunflowers like we did.

Located about 10 miles east of I-75 off SR 70 in Bradenton, a trip to Hunsader offers a drive in the country like no other. For those who have lived here for any amount of time, finding an open road with beautiful farmlands and green spaces still untouched can be sadly difficult. But on the drive to Hunsader Farms you are truly treated to a “moment in time” experience.

Driving up to that old fence spanning the length of their property, with the wagons, animals, and red barns, you feel that little kid excitement that likes to come out to play when a morning in the country is ahead.

Lots of space for social distancing

Throughout the year, Hunsader has held many beloved festivals that have made their mark on local families’ traditions. Grabbing a giant elephant ear from their annual Pumpkin Festival or attending their Country Christmas has become more of a regional event, attracting thousands. It is uncertain what those types of gatherings may look like in the future, but hopefully they will continue for future generations to fully enjoy. For now, their Sunflower Field and Produce Stand are open and offer attendees a wide space to practice social distancing while trying to get back to a bit of normalcy.

What should you bring for the Sunflower Field?

Well, your sense of adventure for one. When you walk up the hill to pay, you realize you can either take the slides down into the flowers or walk down the hill. We took the slide, and while a little bumpy, was just delightful. Since this is a cash-only event, plan on a $2 entrance fee and $1 for every sunflower you cut. Bring scissors or clippers of some type, and a basket to hold them all would be great, because they get heavy to hold in the arms. We brought wet towels to wrap the stems in and a garbage bag to lay all on in the car. Choose one that has five or six buds on them, and you will be treated to new flowers opening every day.

Plenty of people use the field as a backdrop for gorgeous photos, so dress the kiddos up and get some great shots. Thankfully, there is enough room for the picture-takers and the flower-pickers to spread out. After the flower fun, stop into the produce stand for their delicious jams, honeys, pickled vegetables, and, of course, their amazing produce.

Hunsader Farms is located at 5500 C.R. 675 in Bradenton, FL 34211. They are open Monday-Saturdays 8-4 and Sunday 10-4. For U-pick hours and more information, please visit their website at

Photos courtesy of Hunsader Farms Facebook Page.

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