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Steve and Sudie Brattli…Movers and Shakers

Steve and Sudie Brattli…Movers and Shakers in the World of Beauty and Music
by Laurie Mirkin

If you visit the Vintage Salon on 3510 Lockwood Ridge Road, you’ll see Steve Brattli, (who, with his wife Sudie, owns this lovely spa) answering phones, making sure everyone is taken care of and watching over the salon.  When school is out, Steve might be picking up his two children, Shayla and Ethan, then heading home to do homework and drumming up some dinner while Sudie takes over at the spa.  She is definitely hands-on in the massage and facial areas, but if you asked either Steve or Sudie if they ever thought they would be running this business and living in Sarasota, they both would’ve answered :  “No Way”.

Steve partially grew up on Staten Island, and Sudie in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.  During a vacation in Sarasota they stepped out in faith and decided to make the move to Florida.  It was here that they got engaged and began working in various fields including Managing Health Clubs and other business ventures that were hit hard when the economy first started doing a nose-dive.  A friend who was in the beauty supply business mentioned the very elegant and historic farmhouse  that houses the Vintage Salon and the potential of reviving it and making it a business.  The house had been a farmhouse with adjacent land from a very old Sarasota family, but was actually picked up and moved to its present location on 3510 Lockwood Ridge Road.  They bought the salon, all the while thinking of how insane it was, but it’s turned out to be a thriving salon with a great reputation.

Actually the farm belonged to the Gocio Family and the house was built in 1911.  For years it sat empty.  It became an antiques store, and had a couple other businesses in it, but the Vintage Salon the only real success story. The original woodwork and hardwood floors are pristine, and with Steve and Sudie at the helm, you have a friendly and skilled staff, good hours and it’s all about the customers.

The services offered at the Vintage Salon run from haircuts and styling to massage, manicures, pedicures and facials.  Want low lights or high lights?  This is the place to Sudie Brattlicome.  Complete wedding services such as hair and makeup are very popular at Vintage, and all makeup is organic and mineral-based.  I’m thinking of choosing between a hot stone treatment and a deep tissue massage. And of course there’s body wraps and peels, and anything you might want, believe me, it’s here and waiting for you.  Steve and Sudie are offering all readers of this article a 25% discount off any one service.  This is a great way to get to know the quality and the friendly ambience of the Vintage Spa.

Lastly, I need to say that Steve and Sudie are involved in the community in several ways.  They both are fundraiser-friendly, Sudie being a singer and volunteering her unbelievable talent at the Save the Shore event, which she started herself, and several of the Ladies Sing the Blues events, where the talent plays and sings for free and the money goes right to the charity.  Some examples of charities that events were built around:  Breast Cancer Research, Manatee Childrens Services, The Bradenton Women’s Club, and the Elk’s charity called EFELT, or Elks Feeding Empty Little Tummies.  Steve is a Regional Sales Manager for the Send-Out-Cards company, which is a wonderful resource to have in place for your business.  You can pick your card on their website, fill in the sentiments, click on send the card and woooosh!  No looking for stamps or having to schlep to the post office.  And I was happy to discover that it’s actually cheaper than buying your own cards.  Steve is extremely marketing-minded and is a great asset anywhere he shows up. 

Wherever you go in the Sarasota/Bradenton area you are bound to run into Steve and Sudie Brattli, and when you do, you’ll see that with the Brattli’s, no one is a stranger!

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