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Spending Too Much Money on Groceries These Days, Try Aldi!

| Jodi Schwarzenbach |

With the prices of groceries being as high as they are, shoppers are scrutinizing every food dollar they spend.  Many people have had to put aside their long-standing loyalty to grocers like Publix and are trying out delivery services and discount grocery stores.  Meal delivery options and even local farmer’s markets are on the radar of those who understand the value of buying locally sourced foods.  Some people prefer the big-box stores like Costco or Sams to stock up, or Walmart so they can efficiently grab everything they need in one stop.  It can take a lot of time and tenacity to figure out the deals, utilize coupons, (for those stores still taking them), and make your family’s groceries stretch throughout the week.  ALDI grocery stores are popping up all over the place, and for good reason.  You can get quality food at great prices and for those who know, they have a great home goods aisle.

When I first started shopping at ALDI, I was immediately put off that they did not have every single item on my Thanksgiving list.  I can’t remember the item now, but at the time I wondered what all the hype was over a store that didn’t even have everything for a holiday meal.  Since then, I have learned that sometimes ALDI just doesn’t have the obscure thing you need.  Their stores are on the small side, so they do not have a ton of stock.  You just have to go in knowing there is a chance you may have to shop elsewhere or find a replacement item.  Once you start shopping there for the prices, you kind of overlook that fact.


Some of my favorite ALDI items include their cheeses and deli-type items.  I haven’t really found any of these I don’t like.  Their dips, and items ready to pop in the oven like breadsticks and sub kits are really good.  Their coffee is very fairly priced, and they have a variety of flavors which I prefer.  If you are still shopping at the Dollar Store for inexpensive chocolate, you are doing it all wrong.  At ALDI they have very good chocolates of all sorts, and they are so much better than your standard candy bars.  I like the odd items I find in the freezer section like specialty pizzas and interesting desserts and ice creams.  But my favorite aisle is definitely the one that holds all the fun stuff for your home or office.  I have found everything from shoes to toys for my classroom there, and again, the prices are phenomenal.  And if you are a candle-lover, they always have great candles for under $5.  

Beyond the price perks, ALDI is very consumer-friendly in the ways they source their suppliers and the standards they hold distributors to in order to get their products on shelves.  From their website: 

Our Purpose and Core Values Since 1976, our number one priority has been to deliver great quality food at the lowest possible prices. And to do that, we offer a unique shopping experience where our customers never have to compromise.

Our Company Values We like to think of ourselves as an ally for our customers in better-for-you shopping and living. From our high-quality fresh produce and meat to products that address specific dietary needs and preferences. We keep a close eye on the ingredients and materials that go into our products to ensure they meet the highest standards for quality, health and safety.

We look at the world through these core values: simplicity to keep costs down, consistency in providing the highest quality products and responsibility in how we reduce our environmental footprint.

Our Products To simplify the shopping experience, we remove unnecessary and costly aspects of grocery shopping without sacrificing the things that are most important to our customers.

Our team hand-selects and curates the best products, so that our shoppers are not overwhelmed by choice. We also offer groceries to fit everyone’s specific dietary interests, needs or concerns. From an extensive line of organic, gluten-free, and vegan foods to fresh meats, fish and produce delivered daily, we source only the best quality for our shelves.

With our smaller selection of high-quality foods, along with wider aisles and smaller stores, our shoppers can save time and money.

Our Suppliers To ensure consistency of our high-quality products, we take great care in choosing our suppliers. We do everything to make sure they’re protected and operating according to our highest standards with practices like:

  • Ensuring safe and fair working conditions
  • Being committed to human rights and fair labor practices
  • Making sure they’re treated fairly.
  • Making sure our products are sustainably sourced to reduce the environmental and social impacts of their production.

We take these matters very seriously and require our suppliers and other business partners throughout the entire supply chain to abide by our Social Standards in Production.

Our Ingredients We closely monitor the ingredients and materials that go in our products. To ensure consistency, our products are tested frequently so they are as good (if not better) than national leading brands. Last year we taste-tested over 30,000 products. Only the best made the cut onto our shelves.

Our Quality Assurance team also observes strict guidelines for organic, BPA-free, and GMO-free products. We’re happy to report that every ALDI-exclusive is completely free of certified synthetic color, added MSG and partially hydrogenated oils.

Our Commitment We believe it’s our responsibility to act with integrity and are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact.

We have taken numerous steps to reduce, reuse and recycle waste, increase energy efficiency, decrease our carbon footprint, and improve our green standards across all of our stores and operations.

At ALDI, our small differences are making an impact – in store, in our shoppers’ wallets and on our environment.

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