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Mind, Body, Nutrition- Specialized Fitness for Over 50 Years of Age on the Florida Suncoast

| Suncoast Post Staff |

The Pandemic has caused many of us to get a bit lazy and out of shape!  Especially those over 50 years of age.  Don’t fret!  Licensed trainer, Noel Fayette has a fitness program for those of you over 50 years of age that will get you back in shape!

From Noel’s website: Building a leaner and stronger body can happen at any age. My experience includes clients with age related issues. Parkinson’s, osteoarthritis, hypertension, diabetes, pacemaker, paralysis, joint replacements, stroke, blindness, postmenopausal symptoms, vertigo, and tendonitis.

Mind, Body, Nutrition-  Addressing these three topics is key to achieving overall success. I will give you creative ideas on ways to discipline the mind, build confidence, as well as positive self-talk. Nutrition we will focus on “The Food Project Brake-down” Real facts! Building the Body is the fun part. Improved ability, stronger muscle and bones, and a leaner you.

Fitness Trainer – Noel Fayette

From AFAA Certified Trainer, Noel Fayette: I can attest I have tried and tested myself with many different exercise modalities and surfed the waves of various nutritional ideas for forty years. I have concluded that as the body ages, one must exercise, use your muscles, and eat healthy foods. WHY!!

Combating age-related issues is a challenge as we coexist in a stressful environment and live in a sedimentary lifestyle that our culture has embraced. Factor in the life of convenience, overindulgence, plus everyday comforts, has driven us to be a bit overweight, depressed, overworked, and physically challenged as we age. Common excuses: no time, exercises are too daunting, fear of injury, fast food is easy and convenient, and “I like” way overused as a repeated silent phrase. Also, another challenge is eating the delights of our likings…. easy access these days.


Yes, I can help you strengthen your muscles, implement a healthier lifestyle, work on discipline, and maintain a healthy body weight. Sounds overwhelming? The war between the body and mind can be.

Tough love and a personalized approach is my method.

We work on a plan of action using one small step at a time that will equal extraordinary success. The determination I have practiced personally for years makes a substantial impact on encouraging my clients. My clients realize I work 110% for myself and them. In turn, the challenge is on; motivation is contagious.

BodybyNoel health and fitness methods are by far life-changing. The time is now to turn your lifestyle around.

Visit Noel’s website.

Photos from Noel Fayette

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