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Self-Help International

South Florida Hooters Contributes Over $30,000 to Self-Help International

| Suncoast Post Staff |
Self-Help International

As part of their recent efforts, South Florida Hooters is contributing $30,609 to Self-Help International.  The donation comes from online fundraising efforts of seven local Hooters Girls and a donation match from South Florida Hooters. South Florida Hooters has supported Self-Help International for more than a decade.

“The support began because of the late Dave “Lags” Lageschulte, founder of South Florida Hooters who was from the same small town in Waverly, IA, where Self-Help International was founded. Lags and his family supported Self-Help from its inception. Hooters has sent local Hooters Calendar Girls to the “Give a Hoot Weekend” every year for the past 10 years but due to travel restrictions we were unable to this year, so we started an online fundraising campaign in addition to matching the donations raised,” said LTP Management Director of Marketing Kristi Quarles.  “We want to thank everyone who donated to support this great cause,” added Quarles.

The seven local Hooters Girls who participated in the online fundraising efforts for Self-Help International ‘s work to empower women are 2021 Miss Hooters Gianna Tulio (Boca Raton), Danielle Magda (Sarasota), Sloan Miavitz (Sarasota), Madison Novo (Weston), Lisamarie Johnson (Weston), Alyssa Duckett (Fort Myers) and Briana Smith (2019 Miss Hooters International).  

Give a Hoot for Self-Help International helps women in Ghana and Nicaragua start and grow their own businesses. Self-Help works to support women business owners in rural communities by providing low interest micro-loans.  Oftentimes, women in these small communities are not eligible to receive loans through formal banks and sometimes end up taking loans with predatory lenders.  By having access to capital through Self-Help, women are able to start and invest in their businesses.  In tandem with providing micro-loans, Self-Help offers training sessions to help women improve their business practices so they can grow their incomes.  Women are powerful agents for changes, and when you invest in them, they are able to lift up their families and communities.  Economically empowered women empower others. They also have a children’s feeding program that feeds breakfast and lunch to children under the age of 5. In addition to the micro loans and the feeding program Self-Help International teaches farmers the best techniques to reap the largest, best and most produce which in turn helps to feed the farmers, their families and allows enough extra to sell and make a profit.  With the economic uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s crucial to help women invest in their businesses.  For more information on Self-Help International visit Self-Help International

Photos from South Florida Hooters

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