Something’s Cooking in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Something’s Cooking in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Whether you are a pescetarian, nutritarian, vegetarian, flexitarian, carnivore, plant based or seasoned vegan, there’s always room to learn more about nutrition and cooking.

If you’re confused about all the different ways to maintain the healthiest diet, you’re not alone. We are constantly flooded with information on fad diets and what’s the latest and greatest “magic” plan.



Luckily, there’s someone in Lakewood Ranch, Florida who can help clear up the mysteries of healthy eating. Heidi Schild, a Certified Wellness and Nutrition Coach is here to help. Schild is the owner of Heidi Cooks Plants. She specializes in vegan cooking, nutrition, recipes and embracing the whole foods, plant based lifestyle.

Heidi Schild of Heidi Cooks Plants teaches how to make plant based, whole foods meals.By definition, vegan means eating no animal products whatsoever. This includes all meats (including fish and poultry), dairy (cheese and milk) and eggs. A plant based, whole foods diet is rich in vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and nuts. Many who follow a plant based lifestyle also avoid oils and processed foods.

Looking to add some meatless meals to your menu? Heidi’s cooking workshops are a great place to start. She offers her classes several times a month where she cooks an entire meal, including appetizers, a main course and dessert. Each client gets their turn rolling egg roll wrappers or using the spiralizer. Everyone eats what is made and they all leave with a packet of recipes to make everything at home.

Heidi Cooks Plants teaches students how to make oil free veggie spring rolls.At her most recent class, participants were treated to oil free veggie spring rolls (made in the air fryer), oil free, dairy free basil pesto, buddha bowls with peanut sauce and “nice” cream.

Most of her clients are not vegan or plant based, but are looking for ways to incorporate more meatless meals into their diets. While she is cooking and demonstrating, she answers common questions from her clients like, “where do you get your protein?” Her answer is…“plants”. “Cows eat grass and plants…I’m just cutting out the middleman,” she says.

Heidi Schild turned her traditional family recipe into a healthy plant based version.Cooking has always been her passion. She watched her mom cook and has even turned some of her traditional family recipes into healthy plant based versions. Apple Cookie Cake was a “passed down” family favorite that she tweaked to make it oil and egg free. Another favorite, Mushroom and Barley soup is a delicious comfort food that fools everyone into thinking it’s “meaty”.

Classes are $40 per person and can be scheduled by contacting Heidi at Schild also offers one on one nutrition coaching, grocery store tours (to help navigate all the different products) and one on one cooking and food prep. She also manages her website, which features recipes and other useful information. She is on Instagram and Facebook as well at @heidicooksplants

“I am always looking for ways to inspire others to embrace a healthy life. Cooking is my way of doing that and I hope you’ll join me in the kitchen,” says Schild.

Photos from Heidi Schild.

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