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Solar In Bradenton/Sarasota - Is It Really Worth It?

Solar In Bradenton/Sarasota – Is It Really Worth It?

| Laura Bell Adams |

For some people, solar is great, for others it is a waste of money. How do you determine if it is right for you?

The major factor is the sun. For solar to be good for you, your home must be in the sun. If your home is surrounded by trees or there is shade from other buildings, then it may not be a good investment for you. Because that’s what solar power really is – an investment. No other home improvement can give you a return on your money equal to what solar power can.



It all started in 1839 when Edmund Becquerel, a physicist working in France, observed and discovered the photovoltaic effect. Fast forward to April 25th, 1954. Bell labs announces the invention of the first practical silicon solar cell. These cells were produced for space activities. The cost – $1,785 a watt! At that price it would only cost a little over $21,000,000 to power the average home. But, times change. By 1983 worldwide photovoltaic production exceeds 21.3 megawatts and sales exceeded 250 million dollars.

In 2004 California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger really kicked things up for the solar industry when he proposed the solar roof initiative for one million solar roofs in California by 2017. Starting January, the 1st of 2020 it is mandatory that new homes up to 3 stories have solar panels (fortune 2018/12/6). That same law where new homes must have solar panels installed on new homes was first passed July the 18th 2017 in South Miami, and went into effect September of that year (Miami Herald). Massachusetts looks to follow suit with mandatory solar for new homes (energy news network 8/7/2019). And several other states are considering laws like this. This demand for solar power helped drive the cost down so that the average homeowner could afford a system.

Solar energy is good for the environment.We all know that going solar is good for the environment but is it good for your pocketbook? Let’s look at some numbers. If your electric bill is $200 today over the next 20 years you will spend approximately $85,000 on electricity. Now that $85,000 that you paid your electric company is gone and you have nothing to show for it but a stack of receipts. Yes, you stayed cool, watched TV, had lights to read your book before bed but, that does not give you a return on your investment.

Now let’s look at a solar system. Say it cost $60,000. If you are eligible for a tax credit of 30% (which you have 3 years to collect if your tax debit is not that large) that takes $18,000 off the system which leaves $42,000 that you actually have to pay, which in 20 years is over 100% return on your investment but that only lasts Until December 31st of 2019. That tax credit drops to 26% in 2020 and then to 22% in 2021 so let’s use the 2021 numbers where the tax credit is only 13,200, which leaves a cost to you of $46,800. So, in 20 years your savings would be $38,200 on a $60,000 system. That’s not quite 100% return on your investment but let’s look at the increased home value of 5% to 10%. Let’s go with a $250,000 home at 5% home value increase that is $12,500 that is a return as well. No one wants to go without electricity so either you pay your electric company, or you pay for a solar system. The difference is if you choose solar one day it will be paid off, then your electricity is free. Or keep paying your electric company who can keep raising the price year after year with no return but that stack of receipts.

USA Energy Savers can install solar panels where you need them.I am Scutter Coulter. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I joined the Navy in 1990 after high school and served on the USS Enterprise. After my discharge I rode bulls until I was roughed up so bad that my mother suggested I get a new profession. So, I applied for a dealer position at the casino that opened in Marksville LA. While dealing I went back to school and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design. I have four amazing children Cody, Aria, Emmi, and Cooper and a wonderful wife Nicki. I got into the solar business because I know that it really helps people and our environment. The reason I chose the Sarasota area is because I believe that the retired community would benefit the most from solar. I believe this because you have a fixed bill every month, unlike an electric company bill that normally increases every year. And that would benefit people who are on a fixed income the most.

I am the USA Energy Savers dealer for Southwest Florida. We are an expanding company that was founded in 2016. We have a general contractors license in North Carolina license# 80304, South Carolina license# G121172, and Florida license# CBC1253385. We offer a 30-year bumper to bumper warranty with no cost to you if something should ever go wrong. We are not the cheapest place around, but we are the best. If you ever have a problem with anything you can call me personally and I will make it a priority to make you happy.

The way we design our systems are custom to your energy usage. First, we evaluate your home to find energy wasters, things that you can do to reduce your energy consumption. It is more cost effective to reduce than produce. Once we have reduced your consumption then we design a system to fit your specific needs. Our systems have a monitoring system so that you can see your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly production. We do this so you can be 100% satisfied that your system is producing what it was designed to produce. If you have any questions that I may help with, please contact me. I’m here to help you decide if going solar is the right thing for your family.

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