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SmokeRhino, Powerful Personal Protection

| Luisa Nealon |

No business is alone in facing the challenges of COVID-19. All companies address changing environments in their own way, and SmokeRhino is definitely a success story of innovation and a great example of being aware of the community’s needs.

Our company owner, Manuel Rebecchi started working on the changes at the end of March to ensure that his staff persevered through this crisis. The challenges that we had to work through to overcome the pandemic were hard but also rewarding because we have the opportunity to do something special for those in need.

Part of the solution

Maintaining our “social distance” is awkward, different from the way we always greet one another. With that in mind, Rebecchi wanted to be part of the solution by providing his neighbors, clients, friends, and family quality personal protection at a very low price.

SmokeRhino Face Shield

Our “Social Responsibility” comes first. With his passionate idea in mind, he also wanted to be there for those who do not have the option of staying home. These working individuals include first responders, police, firefighters, nurses, grocery and delivery staff, and people that care for the sick that cannot work remotely. These people are most vulnerable and have no other options other than to use PPE to keep themselves healthy.

Keeping our first responders safe allows them to provide their services. Taking the appropriate precautions by wearing a mask is an essential reason why our donations are so important during this time. Healthcare providers are receiving our donations to show how much we care.

During this time we would like to serve as an uplifting reminder of the incredible work that we can do when we unite and work together to protect our area and all our vulnerable and retirement community .

Helping seniors

We recognize that the vulnerable populations we see daily need our support more than ever, which is why we are also lowering our prices to our customers 65 and older with a senior discount every day of the week , minimizing health risk to them.

We are geared to make a change. As a community, we are stronger and can weather any storm when we come together.

306 Whitfield Ave
Sarasota FL 34243
(941) 928-7719

Photos from SmokeRhino.

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