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Senior Mobility LLC

Senior Mobility- Accessories for Seniors

| Sande Caplin |

As we all know, Florida is the haven for senior citizens.  Great weather, great places to visit, awesome parks and fabulous waterfront activities.  There isn’t a better place to live.  Many seniors find it difficult to get around because of health issues and some are confined to wheel chairs or the use of crutches.

There is a company based in Sarasota, Florida that has a great line of products to help senior citizens enjoy a better life.  Senior Mobility LLC has a line of Mobility Accessory Products that will help to meet your challenges.

Their new website is now live.  You will be able to view their line of soft goods for Walkers, Walker Rollators, Wheelchairs, Crutches and Forearm Crutches.

Visit their website at  From the website:  Be well. Be organized and be fashionable.  Stay young at heart, because that is you.


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