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Sarasota Welcomes TWO MEN AND A TRUCK

Sarasota Welcomes TWO MEN AND A TRUCK

| Laura Bell Adams |

How many times have you moved in your lifetime? For a small fraction of people, their current home has always been a forever home from birth until present. But for the vast majority of Americans, moves are made all of the time, whether it be due to housing bubbles in the real estate sector or attributed to career changes. As a child I moved a lot.

It wasn’t that I was an army brat, more a real estate broker’s brat whose dad was quick to accept offers on our homes. It seemed that just as my mom would work her styling magic on our current place, my dad would have it on the market and sold in days, so I was pretty accustomed to moving. In today’s culture, if kids haven’t moved a time or two before college they will most certainly pack their belongings and head out at the ripe young age of 18. From there, many will move from roommate to roommate before settling down and purchasing a new home which will require packing up once again. The cycle repeats throughout our lifetimes.



According to the U.S Census Bureau, Florida receives roughly 900 new residents a day! Let that sink in as you plan your morning commute on already congested roads. Some days it feels like all 900 have settled in and around Sarasota, doesn’t it? And who is handling the moves for all of these people? Transporting your earthly belongings, mementos, everything you need to make a new house a home again is a serious and costly venture. There are so many factors to take into consideration and reviews and reputation are everything when choosing a moving company. Making a transition into the Sarasota market with 20 years of moving experience and serious accolades is Mark Golden, franchise owner of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. He is excited to establish roots in Sarasota County, also the home of his company’s matriarch.

Two Men and a Truck founded by Mary Ellen Sheets now has a franchise in Sarasota, FLTWO MEN AND A TRUCK began as an idea in the 80’s between two Michigan brothers to make some cash offering to move people with their pickup truck. The idea was fully supported by their mother, Mary Ellen Sheets, who continued to receive calls for moving help long after her boys had returned to college. She decided to invest $350 in a new truck, kept the original design of a stick figure she had drawn up for the boys, and thus began the franchising of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, one of the largest moving companies in the United States. Today, the company has grown to over 350 locations with a fleet of 2,800 trucks. Mary Ellen Sheets resides in the Venice area and continues to inspire franchise owners like Mark Golden in profound ways.

If you ask him what the recipe is for successful expansion while providing outstanding customer service, Mark Golden hones in on principles that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK founder, Mary Ellen Sheets, instilled into the business philosophy: “Treat people like you would your grandmother.” It sounds simple, but according to Golden, those words are at the heart of every business decision and every move their company makes on behalf of a hard-working family. With franchises in Gainesville, Birmingham, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Fort Myers and now the Sarasota area, he is excited to bring TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s values and consistency to the Suncoast. He is highly vested in the charitable program Movers for Mom, launching this year, where items will be collected for needy moms and children. He knows Sheets, though quietly living in the area, will have her eyes on this newest TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise and he cannot wait to make her proud. He considers continuing the brand of “Movers Who Care” a privilege and looks forward to working with the community. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’S new location is 8251 15th St. E., Sarasota.

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Photos courtesy of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Facebook page.


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