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Sarasota Superintendent Advances Female Representation in the Construction Industry

Sarasota Superintendent Advances Female Representation in the Construction Industry

| Taylor Morrison |

While traditionally a male-dominated workforce, the construction industry continues to evolve with more women choosing construction roles, including Sarasota’s Kerin Schweigert. At just 27 years old, Kerin is the youngest female superintendent at Taylor Morrison, the nation’s fifth-largest homebuilder, and enjoys the challenges and rewards that come with homebuilding. Just six months into her role as a Sarasota Superintendent, she oversees the construction of 22 homes while also finishing her degree in Construction Management.

“It can be intimidating walking into a trailer or classroom and being the only woman, but at Taylor Morrison I am treated as a complete equal and my gender or ability to do my job are never questioned,” said Schweigert. “Sarasota is a great place to live and it’s fulfilling to build dream homes within my community. I couldn’t ask for a better job and I’m excited about my future.” 

From the c-suite to the board room and construction site, women like Schweigert impact every aspect of business at Taylor Morrison as the company strives to transform the narrative around gender equality.

“There are so many career pathways and excellent opportunities for women in our sector, and we are thrilled to continue bringing more women into the conversation,” said Charissa Wagner, Senior Vice President of People Development and Operations. “While many misconceptions remain in the field for women, we celebrate the progress within the industry and Taylor Morrison’s consistent growth in female representation. Men and women bring intrinsic differences to construction, making us a stronger organization and homebuilder.”

The company boasts a nearly equal male-to-female workforce representation, 53 and 47 percent, respectively. Across all markets, the homebuilder employs 56 women in construction-specific roles, including Schweigert and 17 other superintendents, a 19 percent increase from last year and 60 percent increase in the last two years.

Alongside Leading Builders of America (LBA), who formed the non-profit Building Talent Foundation (BTF), Taylor Morrison strives to further increase these numbers to create a sustainable construction workforce and advance the education and career progression of young people in the industry. Taylor Morrison Chairman and CEO Sheryl Palmer serves as Chairman of the non-profit, which aims to place 100,000 new individuals in construction by 2030. Since launching last fall, BTF has already seen many successes including more than 50 career placements and nearly 100 interview submissions, as well as approximately 560 students graduating and 280 job openings with employer partners by July. The BTF also hopes to bring more opportunities to women in construction.

Photo from Taylor Morrison

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